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Goldsmiths Guide to Your Big Day

Band Styles & Considerations

Deciding on the wedding band style brings together many elements of a wedding band, including the wedding band width and weight, size and fit, metals, plain or embellished and whether the wedding band should be engraved to personalise the wedding bands to you and your partner.

Sometimes it's easy to decide exactly what you want just by having a look, though from helping many clients over the years, at Goldsmiths, we recognise that sometimes a little further guidance can help you decide the ring that needs to be so special and personal to you both. We understand that the ring needs to be striking, comfortable and in keeping with your personality, as well as symbolise your relationship and commitment to each other.

Ring styles and considerations

To give you a little support, we offer an extensive wealth of information about the rings and provide follow up guidance for each element of the wedding band style with advice from our instore specialists.


As most wedding bands are either standard all metal bands or are only slightly embellished with additional diamonds & gemstones, the metal plays a big part in deciding your ideal wedding band.

Width & Weight

The width and weight affect the durability and comfort of your ring, as well as the cost of the ring. These typically vary between light weight and heavy weight, with each of the variations outlined across our range.

Shape & Fit

The shape & fit affect both the look and feel of a ring, as well as how comfortable it feels on your ring finger. It does also affect the cost of the ring, as a slimmer shape requires less metal and will reduce the cost of the ring.

Wedding Bands Style and Fit

Plain or Embellished

In modern rings, it is becoming popular to have the wedding band embellished with diamonds & gemstones. This allows you to have more freedom about the design of your ring and begins to make the ring more personal to you.

Wedding Ring Builder

Now that you know the individual components that make up a wedding band, you might like to try our bespoke wedding ring builder that allows to you to create a wedding band selecting each of these components individually. Each ring can be designed to be personal, which is a touching way to choose your wedding band knowing that it is unique to you & your partner.

Band Styles - Personalise Your Wedding Bands

Your wedding band is an everlasting bond between you & your partner, so engraving a wedding ring is a touching way of sharing to your loved one a special message that is personal to them, or your relationship.

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