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Seiko Watches

With 140 years of innovation behind it, Seiko is still very much dedicated to the perfection that its founder always strove to achieve. With astonishing functionality and cutting-edge designs, it’s easy to see why Seiko watches hold the reputation they do today.

Seiko Prospex GMT

Seiko Prospex Divers GMT

This modern re-interpretation of the 1968 Diver's watch is inspired by Japan’s first hi-beat one-piece Diver’s watch created by Seiko.

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Half And Half Presage Cocktail Time European & US Exclusive 40.5mm Mens Watch


Seiko Prospex challenges every limit, with a collection of timepieces for sports lovers and adventure seekers whether in the water, in the sky or on land.

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Seiko King Seiko Collection

King Seiko

The 1960’s was a decade of unprecedented advances for Seiko. Alongside Grand Seiko, one other series demonstrated the company's ability to create beautifully designed and finished mechanical watches with high accuracy. It was called King Seiko.

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Prospex1965 Modern Re-interpretation Collection Tile.jpg


The Original 1965 diver's watch incorporated an automatic mechanical calibre and delivered 150m water resistance. Today a stunning series of updated re-interpretations of the original are available for you to enjoy.

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Prospex 1968 Modern Re-interpretation -Collections Tile.jpg

Prospex 1968 Divers Modern Re-Interpretation

This modern re-interpretation of the 1968 Diver's watch is inspired by Japan’s first hi-beat one-piece Diver’s watch created by Seiko.

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Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Collection

Prospex Speedtimer

In the 1960s, Seiko announced itself on the international sports timing stage with a whole new generation of high-precision equipment endorsed by international sports federations at many of the world’s leading sports events.

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Seiko Prospex Alpinist Collection

Prospex Alpinist

Alpinist collection, first launched in 1959 and designed for Japanese ‘Yama-otoko’ mountain men, to be reliable in treacherous terrain, these are part of the Land collection.

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Seiko Presage Classic

Presage Classic

Introducing the Presage Classic Series – watches designed with inherent Japanese elegance. Named ‘Araigaki’ meaning ‘pale persimmon’ for the shade of its dial, the dial texture is inspired by soft Japanese silk.

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Seiko Presage Craftsmanship Collection

Presage Craftmanship

Seiko Presage reveals Japanese aesthetics to the world, carrying on a passion for watchmaking that has continued for over a century. Its inimitable style is born from a collaboration with master artisans across the nation.

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Seiko Presage Sharp Edge Collection

Presage Sharp Edge

Introducing an angular style to the Presage collection, visible from the dial pattern to the sharp edges of the case shape. The dial pattern is inspired by a traditional Japanese artistic design of a plant grown in Japan for over 10,000 years – hemp.

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Seiko Presage Cocktail Collection

Presage Cocktail

The Seiko Presage Cocktail Time collection is inspired by the Japanese tradition of finishing the working day off with a cocktail. Each timepiece is named after a drink mixed by Hisashi Kishi, head bartender and owner of Star Bar in Tokyo’s Ginza area.

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History of Seiko

Seiko was established in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori in Ginza, Tokyo. At 21 years old, the young entrepreneur decided to open a shop in central Tokyo where he began selling and repairing watches and clocks. Just 11 years later, the 'Seikosha Factory' was born. The inspiration for the name comes from the combination of Japanese words ‘seiko’ – meaning exquisite or successful – and ‘sha’ – meaning house. Hattori soon became known for his skills, producing wall clocks across Tokyo. By 1913, he had successfully created Japan’s first wristwatch, an adaptation on his pocket watch made in 1895. This then went on to become the official watch of Japan’s National Railway, which appointed Seiko as its official supplier.

The brand grew in leaps and bounds through the years, from being the official timer in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics to creating Japan’s first diving watch in 1965. It was water-resistant for up to 150 metres and was used in the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition. To top it all off, in 1969, Hattori landed himself incredible recognition for manufacturing the world’s first automatic chronograph, equipped with both vertical clutch and column wheel. This impressive timeline of events is what has led to the brand’s reputation as the pioneering watchmaker it is known as today.

Why buy a Seiko Watch?

There’s a reason Seiko has such a rich history. It is because Seiko watches have evolved, with each design released being more intricate than the last. Seiko continues to strive to achieve excellence with every timepiece they create and never fail to do so. If you’re looking for a watch that truly tells a story of moments throughout history, look no further than our range of Seiko watches. With several stunning collections to choose from, you’ll never be stuck for choice here at Goldsmiths.

Seiko Collections

Whether you’re searching for a watch that is sleek and elegant or timeless and classic, there’s something for everyone within our range of Seiko watches. Carefully crafted with excellence in mind, every timepiece is as impressive as the next.

The Seiko Prospex collection is made for the adventurer. Challenging every limit, this collection of timepieces has been meticulously manufactured with sports lovers and thrill-seekers in mind. Whether you’re out on the open water, taking to the sky or exploring on land, this incredible range of men’s Seiko watches will never let you down.

The Seiko Presage collection combines a Japanese aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a design that’s stripped back, this could be the perfect watch for you. Featuring a minimalistic watch dial, it is said to represent the serenity of the Karesansui Zen gardens in Japan.

If you’re a skilled sea master, the Prospex Divers collection may just prove to be your most useful survival tool yet. Seiko has been perfecting diving watches for the past five decades. This robust and durable collection comes with automatic, solar-powered or quartz movements and offers water resistance up to an impressive 300 metres.

Caring for Your Seiko Watch

We know how much your Seiko watch means to you. After all, it's an investment, not just an accessory. So, you'll be pleased to know you can get protection against theft, accidental damage and malfunction with Goldsmiths Care. Simply make a claim in-store with us and we’ll repair or replace your timepiece as swiftly as possible.  If you ever wish to take advantage of an annual professional cleaning service or manual inspection, book an appointment online today and one of our professional UK experts will be glad to help.

Find your Seiko Watch Today

If you want to invest in a Seiko watch, Goldsmiths is happy to help. To explore our collection of men’s Seiko watches for sale, browse our extensive range online. Alternatively, if you would rather see your new timepiece in person, head to one of our UK stores and one of our expert advisors will help you choose the perfect Seiko watch for you.

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