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Tissot Watches

Tissot has translated craftsmanship and precision into stylish timepieces since 1853. Exceptional materials and advanced functionality are combined together to create the luxury of accessibility.

Tissot Latest Additions

Tissot Latest Additions

Exceptional materials and advanced functionality are combined together to create the luxury of accessibility.

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The Collections

Tissot T-Touch Collection


A direct descendant of the first multifunction tactile watch in history, the Tissot T Touch Connect Solar is charting a new course. The latest generation T-Touch is packed with Tissot´s characteristic watchmaking expertise in all its forms.

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Tissot T Sport


The T-Sport Collection of Tissot watches offers all you could ever want in a sports watch. Built for durability, each guarantees decades of reliability; its resistant materials also allow you to track time both in and out of water.

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Tissot T-Classic Collection


Tissot strives to provide accuracy and quality at all times through timepieces that have an everlasting style, such as the ones in the T-Classic collection. Founded in 1853, Tissot cherishes the beauty and emotionality of classic watches.

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Tissot T Heritage watches


All restored lines of Tissot watches live in the brand's Heritage Collection both in our UK stores and online. As you can imagine, each design carries its own unique story, rendering the range as a whole even more exceptional.

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Tissot T-Lady Collection


With a Tissot T-lady watch, you can track time in a style that's specific to you. Head to our online selection for sale to begin your journey into sophisticated time-telling today.

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About Tissot

Founded in Switzerland in 1853, Tissot boasts a rich watchmaking heritage - and its logo firmly represents the quality and reliability that the brand has delivered for over 160 years. Since its inception, Tissot has stood by its signature, Innovators by Tradition, and the high calibre of the brand is recognised throughout the world. Having been named the Official Timekeeper and Partner of many disciplines, including basketball, cycling, motorsports, rugby, fencing and ice hockey, Tissot is a legend in both the sports watch and timekeeping industries.

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