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Platinum Wedding Rings

A platinum wedding ring is a popular, premium choice in fine jewellery, with a pleasing extra weight to signify the special connection in your life.

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Compared to silver or gold, platinum requires less maintenance cost over time, and naturally develops a charming patina with age, a desirable factor for many, making it a great choice for an heirloom. The unique properties of the material means that it doesn’t lose particles of metal when scratched or damaged - the surface is merely moved, or displaced. The solidity and endurance mean that this precious, rare metal maintains its value over time.

Platinum, being relatively pure, is also hypoallergenic, containing a maximum of 5% alloys, and never containing nickel. The finish is very slightly softer and whiter than silver or white gold, allowing the material to host the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds particularly well. Available in a variety of finishes and precious stone pairings, Goldsmiths is sure to provide the perfect platinum ring to celebrate your enduring love.

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