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IKEPOD Watches

IKEPOD is has always had a history of being outrageously inventive. Known as the revolutionary independent brand of the watchmaking universe, which inspired trends and dared to challenge the status quo.


IKEPOD Quartz Watches

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IKEPOD Automatic Watches

IKEPOD Automatic Watches

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IKEPOD Seapod Collection


IKEPOD SEAPOD is inspired by the brand’s first diving model, launched back in 1996. They wanted to keep the best of the past and mix it with the inimitable style of the UFO launched in 1997 which combines all the future markers of the brand style.

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IKEPOD Duopod Collection


The DUOPOD Collection draws inspiration from the original Horizon collection but with a 42mm case. The iconic Hemipode "2008" logo sits proudly on the crown.

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IKEPOD Chronopod Collection


The CHRONOPOD Collection draws inspiration straight from the Hemipode line, retaining its original 44mm size while still feeling like 41mm on the wrist, as the lugs are integrated with the case.

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IKEPOD Megapod Collection


The MEGAPOD Collection features a self-winding movement and is housed in an iconic 46mm case, which feels more like 43mm on the wrist. The iconic Hemipode "2008" logo sits proudly on the crown.

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Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, IKEPOD is a Swiss independent watch company. Designed back in the 90’s IKEPOD created several trends in the watchmaking by boldly increasing watch dial size and promoting craftsmanship and launching limited editions with well-known artists. IKEPOD watches are defined by their spaceship case shape, circular with smooth edges and instead of the usual lugs, the strap is inserted into the Pod.

Created by famed designers, who invented a look that goes with an attitude; pure forms for sleek style, transcending time itself and is still the UFO of the watchmaking world.

Today, IKEPOD is refreshed but still true to its core DNA. There are three models, quartz or automatic, a range of silicon straps, all create an utterly unique look. The IKEPOD is a watch which asserts your style because taste is not a question of price.

IKEPOD is the vintage watch from the future.

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