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Fope Jewellery

FOPE collections spun from timeless classics to the exclusive Flex'it lines, which feature the patented flexible gold bracelets. Every jewel is crafted under one roof in Vicenza, near Venice, and it retains an unmistakable Italian style.

Fope Panorama Collection

Fope Panorama

The Panorama collection embodies a true celebration of the understated luxury with an extra touch of elegance.

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Everyday Luxury

All the FOPE creations share a distinctive charm given by the signature Novecento gold mesh chain they feature. The brand behind the innovative Flex’it system has revolutionised the way women wear jewellery.

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The Collections

Fope Eka Collection


Eka has been the first FOPE jewellery range to apply the concept of flexibility using the innovative Flex’it system to a classic luxury gold mesh design. This has transformed the way women wear jewellery.

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Fope Love Nest Collection

Love Nest

Made entirely from 18ct gold, the Love Nest collection is characterised by a tubular mesh chain and Flex'it bracelets. Its tightly woven mesh and soft contours present a more contemporary line of luxury flexible jewellery.

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Fope Prima Collection


The mesh chain disguises dozens of tiny 18ct gold springs which enable its flexibility. With variations featuring beautiful gold or diamond rondels, each piece is intricate enough to make a statement yet subtle enough to stack with other FOPE creations.

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Fope Solo Collection


With a flexible gold mesh and a variety of enviable pieces to include chokers, tassel necklaces, earrings and rings, featuring signature gold rondels with or without diamonds which are ideal to mix and match.

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Fope Vendome Collection


The round shapes typical of the Novecento chain see a more geometrical interpretation within the Vendôme collection which is characterised by an oval mesh chain.

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Fope Panorama Collection


The Panorama collection represents a true celebration of the understated luxury which FOPE has always championed - with an extra touch of elegance.

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Fope Essentials Collection


FOPE keeps experimenting and designing beautiful jewels. Discover the latest pieces, including the Essentials collection which embodies a true celebration of the everyday luxury which FOPE has always championed - with a light touch of elegance.

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Many different women, or maybe a woman with many different souls. Details recalling exotic places and distant traditions. Everyday Journey, FOPE’s latest campaign, showcases the versatility and elegance of the FOPE jewellery which becomes the ideal complement to any situation, while being essential to any outfit. The campaign will expand upon the theme of travels and unravel its multicultural plot during the next two years.

Fope Boutique

Fope Boutique

Discover the newly opened Fope boutique at 1A Old Bond Street, London or find a local Fope showroom.

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About Fope

FOPE is an Italian goldsmith, established in Vicenza, Italy in 1929. The renowned brand initially specialised in watch straps and very quickly became a supplier to some of Switzerland's largest watch manufacturers. In time, FOPE advanced into jewellery with its innovative systems, notable to the watchmaking industry, becoming unique patented systems that would give it international brand status within the fine jewellery business. The headquarters and production facilities remain in Vicenza where the brand epitomises Italian elegance and style.

All the FOPE creations share a distinctive charm given by the signature Novecento gold mesh chain they feature. Its elegant gold weave that gently caresses the skin has become a timeless classic with iconic status.

FOPE is also the brand behind the original Flex'it system, a global success which renders bracelets stretchable thanks to dozens of tiny gold springs intuitively placed between each link. This pioneering idea makes their elegant jewellery suites unique, revolutionising the way women wear jewellery - with jewellery following the contours of the skin and presenting an idea of everyday luxury.

Each beautifully designed and crafted piece of jewellery is created in-house and then shipped worldwide to more than 50 countries. This fulfils the vision of the founder, reflected by the acronym of the brand name which translates as Factory of Jewellery Precious Export.

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