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Goldsmiths Guide to Your Big Day

Band Shape & Fit

The shape and fit of a wedding ring are two core elements important to choosing a wedding band, as they affect the look and feel of a ring, as well as how comfortable it feels on your ring finger.

Preference over the shape & fit of the ring is personal to each individual, and therefore at Goldsmiths, we offer a wide selection of wedding ring in many shapes & sizes to find the perfect ring that's right for you.

Band Shape & Fit Wedding Guide

There are three main ring shapes that are commonly used for wedding bands:

Court shaped: is the wedding ring shape that is classic & still modern, as it is rounded on all edges ensuring it fits comfortably on your wedding ring finger. Due to its comfort, this ring often tops the preference of couples though other shapes have similarities to this ring making them a contender also.

D shaped: is the ring that closest matches the court shape, as it has a flat edge on the inside of the ring and a curved outside, resulting in a D shape if the ring were to be viewed through its' cross-section.

There are other ring shapes available called Shaped that are designed to align with a shaped engagement ring & fit perfectly on your ring finger.

Band Shape & Fit Guide

Making sure the ring fits is in essential part of arranging the ring, though we have a Goldsmiths ring sizer to help you get that perfect fit.

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