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Goldsmiths Guide to Your Big Day

Band Width & Weight

The width and weight of a wedding band are two important factors in choosing the right ring for you and your partner, as they affect the durability and comfort of your ring.

Standard wedding bands can vary in width & weight as much as a wedding band that contains diamonds & gemstones. Typically a wedding band will be described by how heavy it is for instance if it is a light weight or heavy weight ring, it will be outlined in the description online, or a jewellery specialist will be able to advise further in our showrooms.

Band Width and Height Guide

From our range of Goldsmiths wedding bands that vary in width & weight, you will see that the Platinum rings may be more expensive and this is not only a result of the metal being rarer, but also due to the additional weight of the ring. Despite its additional cost, this is often the metal of choice for couples as it ensures the ring is more durable, which is especially important when worn in conjunction with an engagement ring that may knock against it.

As the width & weight are only some of the factors involved in choosing the right wedding band, we can share guidance on the shape & fit of the ring, the wedding band metals and more broadly on the wedding band style.

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