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Goldsmiths Guide to Your Big Day

Planning Purchase

Planning a wedding is about more than just arranging the wedding rings, there is the perfect venue to discover, ceremony's to plan, dresses and suits to purchase, the bridal party and guests to coordinate, not to mention all the finer details of table decorations, bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts.

More than all of this a wedding is an opportunity for you and your partner to discuss and agree plans together, setting you up for a lifetime of happiness. With this in mind, we are here to simplify the wedding band purchase, as we appreciate it can seem a stressful element to arrange ahead of your big day.

Planning Purchase Wedding Guide

Planning & Time

A wedding band can easily be forgotten until the last moment, however, one way to alleviate any last minute worry about the wedding rings is to arrange in good time for the ceremony. This will allow opportunity to discover and order in your perfect ring, as well as adjust ring sizes ahead of the wedding ceremony. We recommend allowing up to 6 months when ordering your ring. Although the ring is small in size, it holds a big responsibility, as is central to your big day symbolising the significance of your lifetime bond with a partner.

Arranging the wedding band in good time is especially important, as planning a wedding is fun if you give yourself plenty of time to organise each element. The later the wedding bands are arranged, the less enjoyable you may find the experience of arranging the rings.


As with the Four C's of the diamond, the metal in a wedding band can vary, which affects the value of the ring. With this in mind, we showcase a variety of astounding wedding bands at a range of price points to suit you and your needs. It is useful to have a budget in mind that matches both yours and your partner's expectation, so that you both view appropriate wedding bands for your requirements.

Planning Purchase Wedding Guide

As wedding bands only form part of your complete wedding needs, we offer an interest free credit option that is based on the value of your purchase and gives you the flexibility to spread your payments over 6 - 48 months. With a 10% deposit* on the value of your item, there is no need to delay in making that special purchase.

* Value of deposit can vary with some items have a higher deposit than 10%.
* Read the full credit agreement before organising an interest free term.

Choosing a Style

This is the fun bit, though can be a challenge as your wedding band preference may vary from your partner's, though you may want to match to make the wedding bands personal to both you and your partner, and to strengthen their significance in your relationship.

When choosing a style, we recommend to simply enjoy looking at styles together with your partner. The more you peruse styles and talk about the reasons why you like them, the more you will naturally reach a middle ground for a matching set of rings.

At Goldsmiths, we offer a wide range of wedding rings ranging from the width and weight of the band, through to whether it includes any gemstones and is designed in conjunction with an engagement ring.

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