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Goldsmiths Guide to Your Big Day

Bridesmaid Essentials

As part of your big day, it's good to recognise the importance of the people that have supported you, your partner and the wedding day. By sharing gifts to your bridesmaids, you are letting them know that you appreciate their support, that you love them and want them to remember how grateful you are for their help with a gift that lasts, reminding them for a long time of your heartfelt appreciation.

Bridesmaid Essentials Wedding Guide

At Goldsmiths, we offer a range of bridesmaid essential giftsthat are available to show your bridesmaid that you would like to say thank you for their dedication over the months leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day itself. These range from pendants & earrings, bracelets & watches to a combination set of jewellery, which are available across a broad range of price points.

Bridesmaid Essentials Wedding Guide

As this is an ideal opportunity to let your maid of honour know how much she means to you, there is no better way than to engrave a gift adding a personal touch to a locket or watch, to show your maid of honour that there was no better woman for the job!

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