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How to Buy a Forever Jewel

By Rachael Taylor 3 Minute Read

Beyond their beauty large diamonds are a sound investment.

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Diamonds are addictive. Once you’ve experienced the unsurpassed brilliance of a perfectly cut stone, you start seeking them out everywhere. Often our diamond journeys will start with small accent stones that bring subtle radiance to our jewels, but what do you need to know when you’re ready to take the next step and invest in some serious carats?

Much is spoken of the Four Cs, a term that relates to the quality markers gemmologists use to grade a diamond. These are Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. While it is important to understand what each term means, and how they can impact your choice, it is also vital to step away from the numbers and instead consider how that stone makes you feel. Does it sparkle? Does it excite you? Is it beautiful? Sometimes, these are more powerful indicators of whether you’ve found the right diamond for you.

Often our first touchpoint with a sizeable diamond is an engagement ring. While a 1ct stone is seen as the customary carat weight to opt for, couples should not feel limited to this. While smaller stones can look beautiful on some hands, others benefit from a larger rock. If this sounds more like you, a good tip is to consider your cut and colour. By choosing a shape such as a radiant diamond, you can scale up the carat size more affordably than with a large round brilliant of equivalent weight. Or if you want to invest in a large round diamond solitaire, make sure you pick a quality cut that will do your investment justice, such as the stones in Goldsmiths’ Brightest Diamond collection that have 88 facets for additional sparkle.

Diamonds, of course, are evergreen; not just in the style stakes, but also in terms of holding their value as an investment. While jewels should be bought to be worn and loved now, it can be reassuring to think that a serious purchase is futureproofed too. Such reassurance in turbulent times is perhaps what is driving a return to vogue of classic, diamond-heavy jewellery styles, such as solitaire pendants, diamond hoops and eternity bands, future heirlooms that, due to their carat count, will long be cherished.

If you enjoy the concept of owning a forever jewel but want it to reflect your personality, why not seek out a modern twist, such as the platinum Dot Dash eternity ring that alternates between round brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds. Or for a quirky retro twist, the sweetheart silhouette of this wishbone-style diamond wedding ring.

Making an impact with diamonds doesn’t always require large cuts; sometimes sheer volume is the order of the day. Designs that blanket gold or platinum with smaller stones, through pavé or snow settings, can have an enormous impact. In Fope’s Mialuce collection, you will find a flexible gold bracelet that is accented with more than 2.5cts of diamonds, with the gems encrusting a section of bold links to spectacular effect.

Whether you prefer your diamonds as truly spectacular single stones or en masse in radiant synchronicity, the joy of wearing a significant diamond jewel is not to be underestimated. Investing in milestone pieces might feel daunting at first, but this is one brilliant investment you will never regret.

Find your forever jewel here at Goldsmiths online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you.

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