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Friends for Life

By Laura McCreddie-Doak 3 Minute Read

This April we celebrate diamonds, symbols of true love and the perfect bridal stone.


There is no stone that captures the imagination quite like diamonds. Novelists hinge entire plots on them and songwriters pen odes to their beauty. The Romans thought they were the tears of gods, the ancient Greeks believed them to be splinters from stars fallen to earth, while the Persian poet Hafiz believed they contained rainbows. Even Plato, the great philosopher, thought that these mesmerising stones were living celestial spirits.

The myths are grand, but a diamond’s true origin story is just as magnificent – stones forged in the intense heat and pressure that existed at the beginning of the Earth, formed in its upper mantle then pushed to the surface through deep, volcanic eruptions. It is believed there are a finite number of natural diamonds in existence; each one precious, unique, and indestructible.

For those with a birthday in April, diamonds take on particular resonance. It is thought that the idea of birthstones can be traced back to the Bible, where, in Exodus 28, Moses gives directions on how to make a special breastplate for Aaron, the Hebrews’ high priest. This breastplate was to contain 12 precious gemstones, each on representing the tribes of Israel. These 12 stones subsequently became associated with the calendar months and then the zodiac. Each stone has extra significance for those with birthdays in that month. If you are born in April, the diamond is thought to provide the wearer with inner strength and clarity when it comes to relationships, because diamonds are, without doubt, the symbol of true love.

Long before DeBeers brought romance into the equation with its famous 1947 advertising campaign stating, “Diamonds are forever”, this pure stone has been associated with love, and therefore, marriage for centuries. There’s even a Vatican manuscript from 1475 that records aristocrat Constanzo Sforza giving Camila of Aragon a diamond ring on their wedding day with the words, “Two torches in a ring of smouldering fire/Two wills, two hearts, two passions/Are joined in marriage by a diamond ring.”

Which could easily be a description of Goldsmith’s Brightest Diamond collection of engagement rings. Using stones cut to Goldsmith’s proprietary 88-faceted design – which is 30 more facets than a standard stone and visibly increases brilliance, fire, and scintillation – these solitaire, shoulder-set, or three-stone creations, in either platinum or white gold, most certainly smoulder as the light catches them.

However, it’s not just diamond rings that have now become associated with marriage: modern brides are increasingly investing in suites designed to dazzle on the big day and beyond. Goldsmith’s has taken its signature Brightest Diamond and used it to create a beautiful collection of stone-set pieces, ideal for weddings whether you’re the one in the white dress or not, including elegant pendants, and four-claw set studs that sparkle seductively. Set against smoothly polished white gold or lustrous platinum, these timeless designs are the perfect symbol for the eternity of love; pieces that, like your partner, will be your constant precious companion throughout a lifetime of happiness.

Explore our diamond jewellery here at Goldsmiths online or visit one of our showrooms where our experts will be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect piece..

Author Credit: Laura McCreddie-Doak has been writing about jewellery and watches for over a decade. She is a regular contributor to the likes of Times LUXX, Wired, The Telegraph, and Evening Standard, as well as online publications such as Ape to Gentleman.

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