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Your Guide to Becoming a Bride

By Amanda Evans 4 Minute Read

The journey to becoming a bride is full of diamonds and thrills and is one of the most celebrated moments of a lifetime.

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Every bridal journey is unique, but one thing that remains true to all is the glorious wedding day feeling and the joining together of loved ones that make it one of the most magical days. This day is all about you, a celebration of love, and your time to shine…so shine bright.

There’s no handbook on becoming a bride – for most it’s completely new territory that involves becoming familiar with boutiques never-frequented, accessories never explored, the discovery of organisational skills you never knew you had, and a rollercoaster of emotions that reflect the importance of this very special day.

Otherwise Engaged

If your partner has already chosen your engagement ring, it’s worth starting to look at how your wedding band will complement this and what factors need to be considered.

Rings with larger shaped stones may require a wedding band that is shaped to fit seamlessly below your engagement ring so as not to leave a gap in between both rings, or cover part of the wedding band. This may be uncomfortable to wear as it may lift the engagement ring slightly above the band and may also end up damaging or scratching the wedding band due to the constant friction of the overlap. Plus, if you have bought a wedding ring with tiny diamonds around the band, wouldn’t it be a shame if the engagement ring laps over and covers them for the most part?

It is always wise to choose the same precious metal so that they wear equally. For example, platinum is a harder metal than gold and will eventually begin to wear away the softer metal.

If you’re planning to choose your engagement ring together, then a bridal set is something you may wish to consider. A bridal set consists of the engagement ring, and the wedding ring in one set. They are crafted to sit together on the finger perfectly, with no gaps and no different widths or thicknesses. A perfectly designed bridal set will take into consideration the shape and size of the engagement ring, and the band will be created to work in tangent with that shape. Choose from timeless and elegant solitaire engagement rings with matching bands to the more modern and contemporary halo rings. Alternatively, there are some beautiful curved wedding rings, either plain or set with diamonds that will nestle just perfectly around your engagement ring.

It's All About The Dress...Or Is It?

What’s your priority – is it your wedding dress or are you all about the accessories? For example, if you have an heirloom piece of jewellery or ornate choker that you’re determined to wear on your wedding day, then you will want to choose a wedding style that complements this, and doesn’t distract from, your jewellery. Think clean lines and elegant silhouettes, with necklines that will let your jewellery do the talking.

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If your head screamed “Wedding Dress Shopping!” as soon as your fiancée proposed then you will probably want to explore the plethora of wedding styles before you even contemplate your wedding day jewellery. Whether your style is romantic, vintage, contemporary or classic, you will find that attention to detail has become paramount in your decision making. Plunge necklines and strapless gowns are crying out for diamond pendants or necklaces, bare arms and delicate wrists yearn for the scintillating sparkle of a diamond line bracelet and delicate stud earrings, or diamond hoops make a stunning addition to a hair up-do. Choosing your wedding day jewellery is all about elevating your look, to be the absolute best version of yourself.

Timeless Elegance

Your bridal jewellery will form part of a jewellery wardrobe to last a lifetime. Diamonds present timeless elegance for everyday luxury, or the ultimate highlight to a cocktail dress. They never grow old, never become a trend that tires, and always bring happiness to those that wear them.

Discover your perfect wedding day jewellery here at Goldsmiths online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you find the perfect piece for your style.

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