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Wedding Celebrations Adorned in Platinum

By Amanda Evans 4 Minute Read

Unsurprisingly, everybody is talking about Platinum, and during the month of the Platinum Jubilee, we are no exception. But just what makes this metal so precious and desired by so many for their bridal jewellery?

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When people talk about anything other than jewellery being platinum, it usually denotes something that excels in volume or time. An album that is described as having ‘gone platinum’ has excelled in sales, with the term platinum relating to the fact that it has sold over a million copies. A couple celebrating a Platinum Wedding Anniversary are proud of their 70 years of marriage, and of course Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee represents an astounding 70 years on the throne.

These celebrations or achievements have been coined with the term platinum due to their affinity with the qualities of this precious metal. So, what is it about this precious metal that makes it so desirable?

How Platinum Differs From Other Precious Metals

Platinum is often described as being “the best” but very few people understand the reasons why. Here we outline some of the reasons that you may decide that platinum is your bridal jewellery of choice.

Human Desire

Much of our decision making comes purely from desire. If you’ve been told something is the best, or that it’s rare, or that your favourite Hollywood A-lister wouldn’t be seen without it then for many people, the natural instinct of desire kicks in and decisions are based upon an innate need to have that item of jewellery or something that very closely represents it. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – the object of one’s desires can be very different to that of another’s, so whilst we illustrate the qualities of platinum here, it’s important to remember that other precious metals have their own qualities and appeal and should not be relegated to the bottom of your jewellery wardrobe.


Platinum is a rare precious metal that has been around since time began. When the earliest meteorites crashed into the earth, their treasures were buried deep beneath the earth’s crust. The meteorites were rich in platinum metal deposits so it could be true to say that platinum is literally a gift from the heavens. Said to be 35 times rarer than gold, there are ten gold mines for every one platinum mine. It is concentrated in limited regions of the world and predominantly found in South Africa and Russia.


No metal is entirely pure, but platinum is 95% pure, rendering it the purest of all metals. This purity has several benefits including a resistance to tarnishing or fading in colour and a hypoallergenic property that makes it kind to the skin.


Platinum is a dense and extremely strong metal making it resistant to any wear and tear. A scratch would never remove any of the metal, simply displacing it, and it holds any diamonds of coloured gemstones more securely than any other precious metal.

The eternal beauty and rarity of this highly desired precious metal can be viewed as a reflection of the love that bonds two people together in marriage. If you’re a hopeless romantic, you may have platinum bridal jewellery at the top of your list for more reasons than one.

Here at Goldsmiths, we have a stunning selection of rings, earrings, and pendants to enhance your bridal attire. From shaped engagement stones such as pear and cushion cut diamonds, and diamond halos to accentuate the central stone, there is a platinum ring to suit any style. Not forgetting the wedding bands, from a simple yet pure and classic band to a slender band channel set with brilliant cut diamonds for added sparkle. For those who seek a shaped wedding band to accommodate their engagement ring, our beautifully intricate diamond pear and marquise shaped band presents a unique and contemporary approach.

For the perfect finishing touch, our Goldsmiths Brightest Diamond brilliant cut solitaire studs in platinum are a stunning addition for any bride. Set with Goldsmiths exclusive 88 facet diamonds, their added fire and brilliance present maximum scintillation and sparkle. Our platinum Goldsmiths Brightest diamond tension set pendant allows maximum light to penetrate the 0.40ct diamond and is the perfect complement for a flawless finish.

Discover your perfect bridal jewellery here at Goldsmiths online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you.

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