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True Blue

By Amanda Evans 3 Minute Read

Noted as one of ‘the big four’ precious stones, the sapphire radiates a beauty that befits royalty.

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Known for its rarity, value, durability and incredible beauty, the sapphire is one of the most desired and precious gemstones sought, following the diamond. Known as the birthstone for September, the sapphire is also recognized as a symbol of loyalty and romance and has been associated with royalty since 1866.

During medieval times, the sapphire was worn by the clergy and royal families who embraced the values and perceived meanings of this celestial blue gemstone. Thought to represent Heaven and encourage divine blessings it was worn for spiritual guidance, protection and enlightenment by ancient Greek nobility and royalty past and present. The sapphire was, and still is, prized for its mystical associations that transcend cultures.

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A Rainbow of Sapphires

Although blue is probably the most popular and referenced sapphire, sapphires occur in a variety of different colours and hues including pink, orange, yellow and even black. In fact, the only coloured sapphire that you won’t find is red.

It is without doubt that the blue sapphire is the most renowned of the sapphire rainbow. From pale blue hues to violet-blues and the rich and velvety blues that radiate an unparalleled beauty.

The beauty of the sapphire’s rich colour is best enhanced in a white gold or platinum setting, where the white mirror-like qualities of the metal contrast wonderfully against this beacon of blue. Likewise, the scintillating sparkle of diamonds combined with the velvety hue of the blue sapphire have long been a favoured combination.

Renowned Sapphires

There are several blue sapphires that are infamous due to their sheer size or stunning blue hue. The largest blue star sapphire, known as The Star of Adam, weighs an incredible 1,404.49 carats and was discovered in Sri Lanka in 2015. The Star of India, also mined in Sri Lanka, is housed in the American Museum of Natural History in New York for all to view its beauty, unusual blue-grey colour and impressive 563.35 carat weight, and the Star of Bombay is a cabochon-cut star sapphire of 182 carats which also originated from Sri Lanka.

The Crown worn by Her Majesty The Queen on Coronation Day features several historic stones, including the historic St Edward’s Sapphire and The Stuart Sapphire; the toi et moi engagement ring that Napoleon Bonaparte gifted to Josephine unites a pear-shaped sapphire with a pear-shaped diamond, and The Duchess of Cambridge famously wears a 12-carat blue sapphire engagement ring with diamond surround which previously belonged to the late Princess Diana.

The sapphire is without doubt a gift from the earth, and its rich history, beauty, value, and symbolism render it one of our most desired gemstones. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder so size, cut and colour are all down to individual taste. Whatever your style, sapphires are a striking addition to your jewellery wardrobe.

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