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The Shape of Things to Come

By The Watches of Switzerland Group 3 Minute Read

There are many ways to enhance the circular band of your wedding ring. The obvious adjustment is in the choice of metal and colour, but there are also subtle differences in shape – from curve to sleek edge – that can complete the piece.

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The tradition of wearing wedding rings dates back centuries. A symbol of infinity, a ring is typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, due to the ancient belief of the Vena amoris – meaning ‘vein of love’ – that runs from that finger to the heart.

Today, it is common for two rings to be worn – the traditionally more statement-making engagement ring and a wedding band. As techniques, settings and stones have evolved over the years, different styles of wedding band have become more common, from a gently bevelled angle, allowing for an engagement ring with a larger stone to rest comfortably above, to a uniquely shaped nesting ring, where the wedding band is moulded specifically to fit around an engagement ring with an intricate setting. There are even wedding band designs with intricate twists that give a modern take on the classic band.

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Four of the most popular band shapes are ‘court’, ‘flat court’, ‘D-shaped’ and ‘shaped’. The ‘court’ design features a gentle curve on the outer surface with a very slight curve on the inner surface to ensure a comfortable fit. This traditional style has universal appeal among brides and grooms – as does the ‘flat court’, which has the same inner profile but a flat outer face. A ‘D-shaped’ ring echoes the outline of the capital letter in its profile, with a pronounced outer curve and an inner surface that lies flat against the finger. Goldsmiths Bespoke Service offers all four of these popular band shapes in varying widths, metals, and weights, according to your requirements. And diamonds and more intricate bands are by no means exclusive to women, as we see more men now opting for wedding bands with a pattern or set with a diamond.

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The largest category is the ‘shaped’ style, which describes rings that have been specifically designed to align with an engagement ring. These designs often feature a slight dip to allow for the engagement ring to sit comfortably, or even an intricate wishbone point, perfect to frame a pear or marquise-cut diamond. A shaped piece can be a perfect choice when paired with a larger engagement stone.

When choosing a wedding ring pairing, the personal style of the wearer is paramount. Whether your choice is a classic band or an ornately shaped ring, our experts are here to help you make your selection. And of course, ring shape is just the beginning, as we can also assist with selecting the right stone, cut and precious metal.

For the very best choice and an outstanding service, just head to Goldsmiths online or visit one of our showrooms.

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