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The Precious Allure of Gold

By Amanda Evans 4 Minute Read

They say all that glitters is not gold, yet our desire for this precious metal never seems to fade.

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Throughout its long history, gold has long symbolized wealth, power and status and has a natural beauty that has rendered it hugely desirable in the creation of decorative pieces dating back over 5,000 years. Gold jewellery was abundant amongst the Egyptian Dynasty and the tomb of Tutankhamun, dating back to the 14th century BC, revealed the world’s largest collection of gold and gold jewellery.

Aside from its beauty and luminescence that cultures likened to the sun, the characteristics of gold gave it huge purpose to be used as currency. Virtually indestructible, malleable enough to be easily worked with, rare enough to give it perceived value whilst not being readily available on an insurmountable scale, and impossible to counterfeit. Its use as currency came long after its use as a commodity where the allure of its beauty was recognized as a valuable material that would reflect status and power from its appearance.

Why We Desire Gold

Our desire for gold is almost self-perpetuating. The way in which we reference items or label things will often include the word ‘gold’ to elevate their importance. From the golden egg in Jack and the Beanstalk to the golden fleece, the girl with golden hair to the golden era, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s golden ticket to gold medal winners representing the highest accolade of all…the value has created the desire and so it continues.

There is no doubt that gold is a precious metal of great beauty – shiny and bright it has a radiant and sunny disposition that when used to create jewellery, makes us feel good!

The Colour Palette of Gold

The beauty of gold is that we have a choice. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are all desirable precious metals and preference really is down to individual choice.

The fluidity of shaped gold jewellery casts shadows across its luminous yellow sheen giving it movement and interest like a river of gold. And gold jewellery set with gemstones is the perfect combination of sparkle and shine that represents an irresistible luxury.

Whilst yellow gold achieves its colour through naturally being combined with yellow metals such as zinc or copper, white gold is created by combining yellow gold with white metals such as palladium or silver. White gold is then rhodium plated which affords the white gold its lustrous white sheen. Rose gold is yellow gold with a copper alloy which gives it a beautiful ‘pinky’ colour. It has gained popularity over recent years as trends come and go but yellow gold has still retained its status as the classic ‘go-to’ gold.

Some people prefer yellow gold against their skin tone or favour yellow gold jewellery during the summer months, as it naturally radiates a warm glow versus the cooler tones that emanate from white gold. White gold can be a more affordable alternative to platinum for some if platinum takes them beyond their budget, and precious gemstones such as diamonds complement the mirror like sheen of white gold. Set within yellow gold some would argue that the diamond stands out more, it really is a case of personal preference and whether you are influenced by trends. One thing is for sure, the precious allure of gold is here to stay.

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