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The Brightest Star

By The Watches of Switzerland Group 3 Minute Read

Our scintillating Goldsmiths Brightest Diamond pieces are among the most enticing offerings in the Goldsmiths collection.

Goldsmiths Brightest Diamond gs.png

The diamonds in these designs have been exquisitely cut into a pattern boasting 88 facets – 30 more than a standard diamond cut. Creating this unique effect requires a technique that only the most skilled diamond professionals have mastered, and involves adding extra facets to the bottom of the gemstone to create a dazzling flow of light through the diamond.

Playing the Ace

Our gemologists’ expert craftsmanship is demonstrated in our solitaire engagement rings. A simple, uncomplicated design puts the diamond in the spotlight, and the depth provided by the extra facets ensures the stone will shine from all angles. Our 18-carat yellow-gold solitaire diamond ring features our exclusive 88-facet Brightest Diamond cut in a classic four-claw setting. With this showstopping piece, the answer to that all-important question is sure to be ‘yes’.

The oval cut has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity over the past few years. The shape is revered for its timeless design and flattering outline on the finger, with four claws securing the elongated stone.

The solitaire design featuring the Brightest Diamond cut is equally effective in other jewellery designs, such as our 18-carat yellow-gold pendant and 18-carat white-gold stud earrings which sparkle with added fire thanks to our distinctive technique.

Royal Standard

For those who want to make an even bigger impact, our princess-cut halo pieces are sure to catch every eye in the room. The square-cut central gemstone is encircled by a halo of brilliant-cut diamonds and nestled into a diamond-set 18-carat white-gold band, ensuring light will always be caught and reflected. The matching pendant hangs from a simple, elegant 9-carat white-gold 43cm chain, with the cluster of diamonds sitting perfectly below the collarbone.

Another striking piece boasting a band of smaller stones around a central diamond is our 18-carat yellow-gold diamond halo engagement ring. The focal point of the piece is a large brilliant-cut stone, with a combined diamond weight of 1.00 carats ensuring a breathtaking sparkle.

Making Shapes

Our Brightest Diamond collection features contemporary and distinctive shapes and styles alongside timeless classics. A piece that manages to tick both the classic and contemporary boxes, our 18-carat yellow-gold three-stone engagement ring offers a trio of brilliant-cut diamonds to create an alternative profile on the finger.

Our diamond collection designs also explore alternatives to the classic ring-band shape. Our 18-carat white-gold diamond ring has an intricate ‘twist’ along the band, creating the illusion of a flowing ribbon studded with symmetrical graduating gemstones surrounding a brilliant-cut Brightest Diamond centrepiece.

Distinctive diamond cuts are also given our exclusive 88-facet pattern, such as our Platinum pear-cut engagement ring a perfect shape to combine the luminosity and fire of a brilliant-cut piece with the flattering contour and elegant point of a pear-shaped diamond.

To see the artistry of our 88-facet cut for yourself, head to Goldsmiths in store and online for our full, exclusive Goldsmiths Brightest Diamond collection.

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