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Make a Statement on Your Wedding Day

By Amanda Evans 3 Minute Read

Gone are the days when bridal jewellery takes a backseat to the wedding dress. Making a statement with bridal jewellery and elevating your look has never been more prevalent.

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Today’s bride is almost encouraged to rewrite the rulebook, creating your own traditions, and making your own style statements mean that guests can see your personality shine through on your special day. As you take centre stage, don’t be afraid to make a statement with your wedding day jewellery.

Bridal styles have transformed over recent years, allowing room to express individuality and embrace new trends. What was once viewed as eclectic and breaking tradition is now more than acceptable. Times have changed and the bridal industry has adapted to suit today’s bride and the celebrities that influence her. Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding (the one than never happened) to Mr Big was a showstopper in so many ways, with a unique Vivienne Westwood dress and dramatic bird-like hairpiece that left some of us a little…well, let’s just say it was different! It was all about the dress, or was it the vivid blue shoes and accessories that were the centrepiece? Fast forward to today and a bridal style akin to Bradshaw’s would be viewed as a beautiful expression of individuality. No longer does it have to be all about the dress or the shoes, bridal jewellery might even be the starting point of your bridal style. The point is, that making a statement and harnessing bold bridal jewellery designs can elevate your look as much or as little as you wish.

Our expert buyers have chosen some of their favourite pieces for the bride looking to add a little wow to her ensemble with some stunning bridal jewellery.

Follow the Trend of Statement Earrings

A simple diamond solitaire stud is timeless and will never cease to look elegant on your wedding day and beyond. But as proved by Lucy Watson and Sabrina Elba, a dramatic statement earring can look equally as sophisticated. There are now so many creative designs and bolder styles to choose from and bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Coloured gemstones such as sapphires or emeralds will inject a splash of intense colour to your wedding day outfit and unusual designs and mixed gemstone cuts will draw attention, especially with pared back hair. A statement earring doesn’t have to be a drop earring either, climbers are hugely popular and a delicate sparkle ascending the ear adds modern sophistication to any bridal style.

Discover Your Statement

Earrings might not be your thing, nor might you have pierced ears, but there are plenty of other jewellery pieces that serve as a talking point. Consider a mixed cut necklace or bracelet and graduated size diamonds. Goldsmiths’ captivating diamond drop pendant with its sleek and almost ‘tie-like’ design is a real head-turner and the white gold pear cut emerald and diamond pendant is simply divine. Suzanne Kalan has some striking pieces, both timeless and dramatic with their scatter effect of baguette diamonds as part of her signature offering which presents a unity of splendour and chaos that works just perfectly.

Explore our range of bridal jewellery at Goldsmiths online or visit one of our showrooms where our experts will be delighted to help you find your statement piece.

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