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My Jewellery Box of Dreams; Lisa Hall - Jewellery Buyer

By Amanda Evans 3 Minute Read

Coloured gemstones, flashes of gold, subtle earrings, or bold cocktail rings –what would be in your jewellery box of dreams?


We posed this million-dollar question to our jewellery buyers here at Goldsmiths, who are immersed amongst all the glitters and gleams every day. Being almost spoilt for choice made their decisions so much harder!

In this final instalment of our series of three articles, we invited our Luxury Brand Buyers; Lisa, and Kayleigh, to share their ultimate wishlist that would render their jewellery box the perfect Aladdin’s Cave of jewels. This is what Lisa had to say…

Introducing Lisa Hall; Luxury Brand Buyer - Jewellery

Jewellery can be a great reflection of your personality – of who you are or how you’re feeling on any given day. I love the feeling of confidence I get when I wear some of my favourite pieces, and particularly the feeling of reassurance I get when I wear some of my most sentimental pieces of jewellery.

I treasure jewellery for different reasons and find it so difficult to choose just one favourite piece. Whether it be the design, the setting, the cut of the gemstone or the sentimentality it brings, I can find joy in all jewellery. I guess if I had to highlight just one type then I would choose coloured gemstone jewellery. I love the pop of colour and how it can bring life to an outfit. I’m also fascinated by the unique powers they are supposed to have, such as the supposed healing power of amethysts to aid insomnia and inner strength or sapphires to entice happiness. Currently I’m obsessed with Peridot, which apart from being the most beautiful and calming shade of green, is also said to offer protection from negativity and strengthen the immune system. I can’t 100% vouch for these healing powers but they bring me a sense of comfort.

My everyday style is quite minimal , I love clean lines and a mono palette of black, white’s and grey’s. I’m a jetsetter at heart and love to explore new places – this is when I tend to go a bit “extra” in my jewellery and wear the statement pieces that really do make an impression!

I'm really feeling Peridot this summer and these earrings would be perfect for some holiday glamour!Lisa Hall

I love a bangle stack and this Roberto Coin Love in Verona Bangle would be a fabulous addition to mine!Lisa Hall

I love these mismatched Gucci Icon earrings. Looking forward to wearing them as part of my everyday ear stack this summer.Lisa Hall

I love the fact you don’t have to commit to the piercing with this ear cuff, and it be mixed up with however you want to wear it. I also love the edgy look of this one, it matches my everyday style outside of work.Kayleigh Mace

I really like the mix of metals and patterns in this ring. The combination of text, cutwork and diamonds is really unique and beautiful.Kayleigh Mace

I love the mix of colours and stones. It’s fun and vibrant but still stylish.Kayleigh Mace

Find the perfect pieces for your jewellery box of dreams here at Goldsmiths online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you.

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