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How to Wear Mixed Metals with Confidence

By Amanda Evans 3 Minute Read

There is no rulebook when it comes to styling your jewellery ensemble with mixed metals.


Mixed metal jewellery has been a glorious trend for some time now, allowing us to combine our favourite jewellery pieces and not relegating them to a jewellery box never to be opened.

There was a time when it seemed only appropriate to combine white metals OR yellow metals and never both at the same time. Combining both at the same time would have been like getting dressed in the dark! But this is no longer the case – the rulebook has been thrown out and much to our delight we can all wear our treasured possessions without having to consider whether we’re ‘matching.’ That new piece of jewellery that you’ve had your eye on has now moved to the ‘must-have’ basket and the ring that you were bestowed that holds so much sentimentality can now be worn with much more freedom. The jewellery world is your oyster! To style mixed metals with confidence, the key is ‘balance.’

By styling a balanced mixed metal look, you will ensure that you’re not top heavy with a particular metal, nor have you completely separated out your mixed metal look by jewellery type. Essentially, layered yellow gold necklaces combined with all white gold wristwear is not the look for which you should aim. The ideal is to combine metals evenly across neckwear, wristwear and earrings to create a seamless look.

Layering Has Never Been So Easy

Mixed metals are the perfect layering accomplice, adding interest with their differing finishes such as matte, polished, mesh or engraved, and their warm and cool tones. Some of our jewellery pieces embrace this trend in one piece, such as the 18ct tri colour gold pendant with its matching stud earrings and twist-tube bangle – a marriage of precious metals perfect for the indecisive as well as a great gifting choice if you’re unsure on the recipient’s preference. Jewellery pieces that embrace this trend allow you to balance your look with ease.

Layering of necklaces, wristwear and earrings is a big trend for us now and mixing metal types naturally lends itself to this trend. Charlie Hough - Goldsmiths Jewellery Buyer

Goldsmiths’ collection of mixed metal jewellery harnesses design creativity and presents opportunities to incorporate them with varying pieces of jewellery to create your own mixed metal look and ultimate jewellery box of dreams.

Precious Metals and Sparkling Diamonds

Whether it’s a subtle hint of sparkle or an equal harmony of the two, the scintillating sparkle of a diamond enhances the shade of any precious metal. And with mixed cut jewellery also being a key trend, mixing both your shades of metal and your diamond shapes creates a wonderful illusion of movement and colour.

This pear cut diamond ring with a double row halo has a contemporary aesthetic that contrasts beautifully against the yellow gold and the 18ct yellow gold diamond bridal set injects a healthy dose of endless brilliant cut sparkle into your jewellery collection. If you’re seeking subtle sparkle to blend in with your mixed metal styling, then FOPE’s Aria necklet and 18ct yellow gold Prima bracelet with diamond rondel radiate Italian chic.

Explore our luxury jewellery here at Goldsmiths online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you.

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