Online Interest Free and Interest Bearing Credit

  • Minimum 10% deposit
  • Lower monthly terms from 0% APR
  • Maximum loan value £25,000
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  • 0% APR and no deposit required
  • Quick and easy application process
  • Instant decision
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Why wait to make that special purchase? Whether it's a gift, special occasion or a well-deserved treat, Interest Free Credit gives you the flexibility to spread your payments over 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months depending on the value of your order. All we ask is that you provide us with a minimum 10% deposit*. The maximum repayment period for selected Sale and discounted products is 48 months. Please see the product page for more details on which plans are available.

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If you're thinking of applying for Interest Free Credit, please be sure to read our complete guidance information below.

Term Minimum Spend Minimum Deposit Minimum Credit Balance
6 Months £500 10% £450
9 Months £500 10% £450
12 Months £500 10% £450
18 Months £675 10% £600
24 Months £675 10% £600
36 Months £675 10% £600
48 Months £675 10% £600


  • Up to 12 Months Interest Free Credit is available on Sale items over £500.
  • Items less than £675 have a maximum repayment term of 24 months.
  • Paypal Credit is avaliable on items between £99 and £500.
  • Interest Free Credit is unavailable on the purchase of Gift Cards.
  • Some terms available online may not be available in our showrooms.
  • Interest Free Credit cannot be used in conjunction with any discount, promotional codes or cashback websites unless specified otherwise. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.
  • Unfortunately deposits for Interest Free Credit orders cannot be paid using Paypal.
  • Interest Free Credit is not available on the following Brands & Models: Rolex, Chanel, Chopard, Glashutte Original, Hublot, IWC Schaffhausen, Zenith, Omega Snoopy Watch, Omega Olympics Watches, Omega Sale Products, TAG Heuer Sale Products, Omega Commanders Watch, Pre-Owned Watches, Omega James Bond Watches and Connected Watches

How does Interest Free Credit Work?

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. To apply for Interest Free Credit, simply Sign in if you already have an account with us. If you are new to then you will have to create an account.
  2. Having selected the item you wish to purchase, proceed to checkout and select 'Home Delivery'.
  3. Next click 'Continue to Payment', selecting Interest Free Credit from the options and click 'Apply for IFC'. We have a number of terms available over 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, or 48 months, you will only be able to select the payment terms applicable depending on the value of your order.
  4. You will now be diverted to the application form for your Interest Free Credit plan. Enter all of the information that is applicable to you.
  5. We will then ask you for your credit card details to place the deposit for your order. Once you are happy with everything, click 'Place Deposit'. Unfortunately, deposits cannot be paid using Paypal or Gift Cards.
  6. The finance company will process your application and once accepted, we will receive notification. We will ONLY despatch your order once we have received notification that your application has been successful.

Order Returns

Please note when considering returning items bought with Interest Free Credit, the order must be returned in full to Goldsmiths. This means that if, for example, you have purchased three items through Interest Free Credit but would like to return one of those items, then all three items must be returned to us.

Declined Credit Applications

If your credit application is declined, you will receive notification via email from our credit partner, V12 Finance, with further instruction on how to dispute the decision.

The credit advertised is provided by one credit provider with whom we have a commercial relationship.

A couple of things to be aware of:

  • If you choose Click and Collect you will not be offered Interest Free Credit as a payment option.
  • All Interest Free Credit orders must be delivered to your billing address - this is the address your credit card is registered to and the address V12 Finance will review your application against.
  • Before your credit application is processed, Goldsmiths will take payment for your selected deposit amount as a Pre-Authorised transaction. If your application is unsuccessful, the deposit will be returned to your account's available balance within 5 working days.

Interest Free Credit FAQs

Once my application is approved, what happens next?

Within minutes of your application being approved, you will be presented with the option to sign your credit agreement. If you are offered the ability e-sign your credit agreement and choose to do so, a PDF of your credit agreement will be displayed on screen. You should read the credit agreement carefully before clicking all the relevant sections agreeing to its terms. Once you have agreed to the terms of the credit agreement will be notified and you need do nothing more. If you are presented with the ability to print and return your credit agreement you should print the PDF agreement, read it carefully and then sign the document following the instructions on the covering letter. This signed document should then be posted to the address shown on the covering letter of the credit agreement. Note that products will not be allocated to your order until your completed and signed agreement is returned and received by V12 Finance. Shipment of your goods will follow soon after your agreement has been returned to our finance company.

Will you credit score me and if so, what does this mean?

Credit scoring is the process used by financial services companies to evaluate the credit risk of new applicants. This technique will be applied to your application for online finance. Credit scoring works by awarding points for each answer given on the application form such as age, income and occupation, together with information obtained from credit reference agencies. This information allows us to produce consistent decisions, ensuring all our applicants are treated fairly. Credit scoring does not discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, religion or disability.

If you decline my application, what is the reason?

In addition to credit scoring, we also take into account confirmation of your identity, validation of certain application details, existing commitments and information held at the credit reference agencies. Though we are unable to provide you with a main reason for decline of your application, it is usually based on one, or a combination of the following:

  • Your credit score (note that every finance company will score you differently)
  • Adverse credit reference agency information
  • You are considered to be overcommitted
  • You are aged under 18
  • Your existing account performance with other lenders

What type of information do credit reference agencies hold about me?

Some of the information is public information, for example electoral roll, County Court Judgements and bankruptcies. Other lenders may also file information about accounts you hold with them for instance this could include your payment history and outstanding balance on these accounts. Any requests for credit, where a credit reference search has been undertaken, will also be filed, although the result of the request is not recorded.

How do I obtain a copy of this information?

You should send a cheque for £2.00 made payable to the relevant company, together with details of all addresses at which you have lived over the last 6 years:

Consumer Help Desk Experian Limited PO Box 8000 Nottingham NG1 5GX
Equifax Ltd., Credit File Advice Centre. PO Box 1140. Bradford, BD1 5US
Consumer Services, Callcredit Limited, PO Box 491, LEEDS, LS3 1WZ

The above listed agencies will provide details of information relating via these addresses. If you believe that the information is incorrect, you can ask the agency to correct it.

If my application is not successful, can I re-apply?

Yes. We acknowledge that your circumstances change and just because we have refused a previous application, it does not mean that we'll automatically turn down a further request. We do suggest however, that you leave at least 6 months between applications.

Who is eligible to apply for online finance?

To apply for finance, you must be over the age of 18, work at least 16 hours a week, or be retired with an income. You must also be a resident of the United Kingdom and have lived in the UK for the last 36 months or more. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer online finance to residents of Eire. Homemakers aren't excluded from applying under their own names; however we will require the employment details of your spouse in order to process your application.

Can I request delivery to an address other than my home?

In order to safeguard against fraudulent applications, we regret that we're able only to deliver goods to the home address of the applicant. Saturday morning deliveries can be arranged if this is more convenient for you.

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Interest Bearing Credit

If you're looking for the lowest monthly repayments so your dream purchase doesn't get in the way of your finances, then choose a 9.9% APR finance plan.

Interest-bearing credit is available on selected product and can be taken over 24, 36, & 48 months to offer the most affordable monthly package on orders with a minimum value of £1120. is a trading style of Watches of Switzerland Company Limited, Company Number 00146087, Registered Office: Aurum House, 2 Elland Road, Braunstone, Leicester, LE3 1TT; Authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority, and acts as a credit broker. Credit is provided by V12 Finance, Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We may receive a commission if your application is successful, and the amount may vary depending on the product chosen and the amount of credit taken out.