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Goldsmiths Guide to Watches

Water Resistant Watches Guide

When it comes to working out exactly how water-resistant your watch is, it's not unusual to get a sinking feeling: confusingly, you should almost never take the numbers on the dial or case back of your watch literally.

For example, a watch with 30 metres water-resistance can survive a rain shower, or getting splashed, but you shouldn't swim in it. Likewise, you won't want to dive wearing a watch with less than 200 metres water-resistance, even if you're not planning on diving to anywhere near that depth. Here's a handy scale to help guide you.

30 metres = Splash-proof
50 metres = Light swimming
100 metres = Snorkelling
200 metres = Scuba diving
300 metres and up = Professional diving

Water Resistance Watch Guide

Tip: water-resistant seals don't last forever, particularly if you get your watch wet regularly. We recommend getting your watch reproofed every one to two years, depending on usage.

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