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Goldsmiths Guide to Buying Jewellery

Gemstone Jewellery

Here at Goldsmiths, we have been creating, stocking and selling fine jewellery for over 230 years, and we know a thing or two about gemstones. From sparkling diamonds - our biggest seller - to precious pieces set with mysterious smokey quartz, our definitive gemstone guide will help to guide you towards the purchase of your ideal piece.


Made of pure carbon, diamonds' natural hardness and clarity mean that they have come to symbolise enduring love: they are therefore a natural choice for engagement rings, and Goldsmiths stock a comprehensive choice of diamond solitaires in platinum as well as coloured golds, with each piece made by our master craftspeople or by prestigious brands such as Jenny Packham.

When it comes to pieces for other occasions, diamonds are the one gemstone guaranteed to go down well. As the birthstone for April, diamond jewellery is especially appropriate for people lucky enough to be born in this month, but of course diamonds are also very widely loved as a symbol of timeless affection and enduring love.

With that in mind, Goldsmiths are proud to stock gorgeous diamond-set rose gold pendants from luxury jeweller Ponte Vecchio, fiery diamond earrings from Mappin & Webb, and diamond charm bracelets from Canadian Diamonds, as well as a multitude of other opulent diamond pieces designed in-house.

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As a symbol of innocence and honesty, pearl jewellery makes an especially appropriate gift for children, but Goldsmiths' pearl pieces have proven themselves equally popular as bridal jewellery, birthday gifts, and to commemorate anniversaries.

Pearl is the gemstone for June birthdays, and with pearl drop earrings, pearl bracelets, and pearl rings all available both in our showrooms and online - with next day delivery available Monday to Friday- giving fine jewellery can be surprisingly affordable.

With coloured Tahitian pearls, pairs of earrings both quirky and classic, and modern pearl rings in 9 carat yellow gold or silver set with a tiny brilliant cut diamond, we are confident that you will find a piece perfect for every occasion in Goldsmiths' collection.

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Blue sapphires are a symbol of loyalty, and can make an extremely attractive yet non-conventional engagement ring: think of Princess Diana's impressive sapphire engagement ring \(now passed down to Kate Middleton\). Due to their association with faithfulness, sapphires are also a popular choice for eternity ring settings, particularly when combined with diamonds.

As the birthstone for September, sapphire-set jewellery makes an ideal gift for anyone born in that month: being both opulent, and associated with royalty, sapphire jewellery is perfect to mark a really special occasion.

With that in mind, consider sapphire stud earrings, or for something yet more lavish, perhaps diamond-set sapphire drop earrings. Pink sapphire pieces are also particularly striking, thanks to their association with love and romance.

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With an intense green gleam, emerald jewellery is highly prized in most cultures across the world: the best emeralds on earth are usually in museums so that everyone can appreciate their beauty.

Holy to the Aztecs, and mined for the Pharaohs, emeralds have been adored for centuries, and still form the heart of many classic pieces in the Goldsmiths collection.

The stone's versatility means that it looks equally good when combined with cool or warm metals, although it has to be said that the combination of yellow gold, verdant emerald, and clear diamond is especially stunning in an eternity ring.

Emerald is the birthstone for May, and few things will appeal more to May babies than Goldsmiths' contemporary emerald and diamond pendants - unless it's the emerald earrings or engagement rings, of course.

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Associated with passion, vivacity, and intense love, rubies are incredibly romantic. Second in hardness only to the diamond, rubies are rare and highly sought after: the Sunshine Ruby recently broke a record when sold at auction in Switzerland for $30 million, making it the most expensive non-diamond gemstone on earth.

Due to its deep red shades, ruby jewellery makes an ideal lover's gift, and the ruby is also the birthstone for July. Ideally complemented by the contrasting clear sparkle of diamonds, all of Goldsmiths' ruby pieces incorporate both precious stones.

With delicate ruby bangles, stunning engagement rings, elegant pendants and handsome ruby and diamond earrings all in stock in our showrooms and online, it's certain that your perfect ruby piece awaits.

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Stocked by Goldsmiths in both blue and white varieties, topaz is the birthstone for November. Legend has it that topaz dispels bad dreams, wards off poisons, and promotes fertility, and whether you believe in these mystical properties or not, it's certain that the white or pale blue tints of our precious topaz pieces will both flatter and appeal.

Available set in white gold stud earrings, on white gold eternity bands, or on white gold pendants, soft blue or precious white topaz stones will be treasured for a lifetime.

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Mined in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, rare tanzanite takes on different hues according to the light, alternately flashing azure blue, burgundy, and violet, and Goldsmiths' tanzanite pieces are especially attractive thanks to the interplay between the lilac shades of the gemstone and the clear sparkle of diamonds.

First discovered in the 1960s in Tanzania - the only place the stone is to be found in the world - this very modern gemstone ideally lends itself to fresh, contemporary pieces, making it perfect for young couples searching for the ideal engagement ring to begin their lives together.

For those not in need of nuptial jewellery, tanzanite can still provide riches: think white gold drop earrings, matching pendants, and delicate studs from Goldsmiths' wide range. As the birthstone for December, tanzanite also makes the ideal gift for those with Christmas birthdays.

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