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Goldsmiths Guide to Getting Engaged

Ring Budget

Budgeting for the ring is not an easy thing to think about, though when selecting a ring it is important to define a price range as it often highlights a collection of ring styles suited to finding the perfect one.

As with the Four C's of the diamond, the ranking of gems and the metal can vary, which can affect the value of the ring. With this in mind, at Goldsmiths, we showcase a variety of beautiful rings at a range of price points to suit you.

Engagement Guide Ring Budget

Planning is as important for purchasing the ring as budgeting and often you may prefer to defer the payment to give you time to juggle the finances. At Goldsmiths, we offer an interest free credit option that is based on the value of your purchase and gives you the flexibility to spread your payments over 6 - 48 months. With a 10% deposit* there is no need to delay in making that special purchase, please review our interest free terms to see if this is an option that may suit you.

* Value of deposit can vary with some items have a higher deposit than 10%.
* Read the full credit agreement before organising an interest free term.

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