Oris makes watches for people who are passionate about mechanical movements and who look for genuine and contemporary values with great designs. The collection is geared to fulfill consumer desires within the four worlds of culture, diving, aviation and motor sports.

Oris Collections

World of Diving
World of Aviation
World of Culture
Oris World of Diving

Oris World of Diving

Oris Divers

The Oris divers collection is built up of an excellent range of watches with professionals in mind. Designed to meet high demands of the world of professional diving, these watches have been built with strength and exceptionally high quality materials to ensure that its suitable for extreme sports. This collection is also suitable for everyday wear, with classic designs with a sporty edge.

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Oris World of Aviation

Oris World of Aviation

Oris ProPilot

Aviation is a key inspiration for Oris. The World of Aviation range is built up of a collection of pioneering ProPilot watches, with pilots and others who value the ProPilot's cockpit-ready functionality and aesthetic.

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Oris World of Culture

Oris World of Culture

Oris Artelier

The classic Artelier collection embodies the spirit of Oris, the heritage of the brand and its longstanding commitment to innovation and development within the watchmaking industry. This collection features calibres and versatile designs that will slip under any cuff, however formal.

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Oris Aquis Date Relief

The Oris Aquis Date Relief is a high-performance diver's watch inspired by Oris's quest to raise awareness of the importance of water. Its dial colour reflects the colour of stormy seas, and it features a new bezel design with a minutes scale in relief. Oris is proud to be supporting expedition swimmer and water ambassador Ernst Bromeis, who'll be wearing the watch for his 'The Blue Miracle' campaign swim across Lake Baikal.


About Oris

Founded by Paul Cattin and George Christian in 1904 in the Swiss town of Hölstein. Oris was quick to expand opening a second factory in 1906 and continued to expand further with more factories in the early 1900s. Later in 193 Oris began to produce its first watch for pilots. Aviation is still a key inspiration within Oris timepieces today, alongside divers and racing.

In recent years Oris has partnered with the Australian Marine Conservation Society to protect and preserve the Great Barrier Reef and launched limited edition watches to support and raise awareness for the cause. Oris also produced the Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon in 2013, which became the world's first mechanical watch to indicate both the lunar cycle and the tidal range. Oris continues to break ground in the watchmaking field today, celebrating over 110 years of watchmaking. Oris's solid reputation is what makes it one of the most reliable and adored watch brands globally, an Oris watch is one to treasure.

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