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Colour Me Happy

By Kim Parker 3 Minute Read

Bring a smile to your face, and a shot of joy to your wardrobe, with this season’s bright and beautiful rainbow jewels.

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From being ‘tickled pink’ when we are ecstatic, to surprises arriving ‘out of the blue’, people have long believed that colours can influence our mood, and vice versa. “Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” reflected Pablo Picasso in the 1930s. His early 20th century contemporary and fellow leader of the abstract art movement, Wassily Kandinsky, went so far as to believe that that colour’s effect on our psyche is so powerful, it “directly influences the soul.”

Indeed, ancient cultures have used colour as a form of therapy for millennia. The Egyptians are said to have painted their temple floors green, in celebration of fertile grassland, and used sunlight filtered through crystals as a form of healing. In Greece, kaleidoscopic minerals and precious stones were also used to treat ailments or ward off evil, whilst the eminent Persian physician and scholar, Avicenna (980 - 1037 CE) used colour to both diagnose and treat his patients.

More recently, our collective desire to feel joy and optimism during the pandemic saw a huge demand for more colour in our lives. At a time when being together wasn’t possible, we painted rainbows on our windows to give thanks to essential workers and to reassure each other that better days lay ahead. In lieu of travelling, we took photos of the flowers blooming in our own gardens and redecorated our homes in cheerful shades that made us feel happy. And the (virtual) catwalks were flooded with playful outfits guaranteed to raise a smile, making ‘dopamine dressing’, which involves using bright shades and bold styles to intentionally lift your mood, a global phenomenon. Our jewellery boxes also received a shot of colour therapy, with brighter, bolder pieces telegraphing cheer to our nearest and dearest over Zoom.

Now, the need to spark joy feels stronger than ever. Plus, the re-emergence of upbeat 90s-style accessories means the rainbow jewellery trend is still going strong, as is perfectly illustrated here in our Rainbow jewellery suite from our Mappin & Webb collection. Goldsmiths’ selection of jewellery set with juicy-hued gemstones is ideal for bringing a splash of colour to any outfit. Adorn yourself with the white gold and emerald-cut sapphire stud earrings add a pop of flattering colour to your complexion in an instant. Those born in the month of May will adore the deep green of their birthstone, emerald, so the pear-cut emerald and diamond ring would make the perfect precious gift.

Meanwhile, those on the lookout for a modern engagement ring this summer, take note - colourful gems make a chic alternative to the traditional solitaire diamond. Goldsmiths’ white gold ring, with a claw-set oval-cut tanzanite framed with sparkling white diamonds, or its yellow gold ring with three deep red, oval-cut rubies are guaranteed to delight a loved one. And if you needed yet another reason to smile, simply remember that these beautiful ‘forever buys’ will continue to deliver their feel-good vibes for many years to come.

Discover your mood enhancing jewellery here at Goldsmiths online or visit one of our showrooms where our experts will be delighted to assist you.

Author credit: Kim Parker is a London-based journalist and editor specialising in the luxury market, especially fine jewellery and watches. She contributes to leading titles such as Harper’s Bazaar, The Times, The Telegraph, The Week and Condé Nast Traveller.

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