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Watch Size Guide

While there are no absolute rules for the ideal watch fit, we’ve put together a guide to help you take measurements and select the best look and feel for your wrist.


Knowing which size watch to choose starts with the size of your wrist. You can measure the circumference of your wrist with a tape measure or, if you don’t have one to hand, a simple piece of string and ruler will suffice. Then, simply wrap the tape measure or string around your wrist so it fits comfortably and note down the measurement. If using a string, mark the position where the string meets before laying it flat against a ruler.

Case diameter

Watch case diameter is a crucial consideration when it comes to selecting the right watch. Typically, men’s watches tend to range between 38mm to 46mm, 42mm is the most popular men's size. Women’s watches range between 26mm and 36mm. Those that sit outside these ranges could appear too large or too small however, personal preference can come into play should you prefer the oversized look for your watch.

Watch Size Guide

Case Thickness

The front side of a watch generally gets the most attention, therefore case thickness is a vital consideration when seeking the perfect fit. The depth of the case should correlate with its diameter as this will provide the most favourable thickness for your wrist size.

A small to medium case size diameter will usually be around 7mm in thickness, while large case sizes will be around 9mm.


Sometimes referred to as the ‘horns’, the lugs are where the case of the watch connects to the strap or bracelet. They are not factored into the case diameters measurements, meaning that they will stick out further than the case.

When measuring your wrist leave some extra breathing room for the lugs otherwise they could extend out, making your watch uncomfortable to wear.

Watch band sizing

Width: A well-proportioned timepiece typically has a band width that is roughly half its case diameter. A watch will tend to look out of proportion if the band size is too small or too large, so be sure to keep this as a consideration.

Band Width Guide

Length: Keeping the measurement of your wrist in mind, the length of your band should be within a half-inch of your wrist’s circumference. This will also depend on the diameter and thickness of your case.

Material: The material of your band will also need to be taken into account. Metal bands often appear to be larger and heavier than leather or fabric alternatives. This choice will also depend on the look, occasion, or functionality you require. Aesthetics are an important factor when selecting your luxury watch. However, when that same watch also fits perfectly, you reach a whole new level of excellence.

Picking the right timepiece can feel a little daunting – but using the guide above, alongside your personal preference and wrist size, is a good place to start. Ultimately though, it all comes down to your preferred style and whatever feels most comfortable to you.

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