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Goldsmiths Guide to Getting Engaged

The Proposal

Surprise & Expectation

Are you planning to make your proposal a surprise or would you rather discuss it beforehand? There are pros to both, so think about it carefully. Does your partner like romantic surprises? Or are you committed to making all of the really big decisions together?

If you're planning a surprise proposal, it's likely that you will want to buy an engagement ring in advance. With a diamond specialist available at each Goldsmiths showroom, we're on hand to advise you at the beginning of your momentous journey. Take note of your partner's jewellery preferences to help you choose something that complements their existing pieces.

If you decide to go ring-shopping together, Goldsmiths offer a fantastic range of luxury engagement rings. With everything from simple bands to opulent bridal sets, Goldsmiths' range is as comprehensive as it is chic.

Location is Everything

The memories of your engagement will be treasured for years to come, so think very carefully about the location of your proposal. Will it be close to home, or in an exotic location? Perhaps you might even consider cooking a romantic meal at home, with the gentle glow of candlelight and the soft scent of romantic red roses.

Some extroverted couples might enjoy public proposals, but generally intimacy is a better option. Choose a location that's meaningful yet offers some privacy (the place where you went for your first date, the beach where you both love to walk, or even a discreet restaurant are all good options).

Think About The Ring

If you decide to become engaged together, there is less pressure on one partner to pick the perfect ring- but other matters will need to be considered. Should you buy the wedding and engagement rings together, in a bridal set? Will both partners wear rings? Should they match?

Think About the Ring

When it comes to an engagement ring, a white gold diamond solitaire is a popular choice. For couples who wish to honour this classic, Goldsmiths have a wide choice of gold rings with different diamond carat weights and cuts.

If your heart desires something else, we offer rose gold and yellow gold rings in our showrooms, alongside styles in platinum, either in the time-honoured solitaire style; studded with diamonds, or sparkling with coloured gemstones.

Beyond our extensive range of engagement rings across a wide selection of styles, for a further personal touch, Goldsmiths' offer a One of a Kind bespoke service that allows you to create the perfect engagement ring.

Plan Ahead

As with all things, planning ahead saves you a world of trouble. Try to avoid, for example, proposing during a time in which you know your partner will be very busy at work. Try to select a time when you know they will be relaxed and able to give you their full attention: this is probably why Christmas, New Year's Eve and holiday proposals are so common.

Think about the date. Choosing a meaningful anniversary or other memorable day in the calendar makes the proposal even more touching. If you have selected a restaurant or hotel for the proposal, it might be worth speaking to them in advance, as they may be able to put something special in place for you.

If you have selected a ring ahead of your proposal, consider using Goldsmiths' engraving services in order to make it extra special. Your names, a special message, or a simple slogan such as "always & forever" will personalise the ring in the most romantic way possible.

The Proposal Planning Ahead

Think About Your Speech

Your 'speech' doesn't have to be too lengthy. A few heartfelt words, sincerely shared, will mean more than the most flowery outpourings. Share with your partner your love for them- and perhaps something spontaneous will go over better than something too rehearsed.

If you are worried about tripping over your tongue at the crucial moment, it might be a good idea to think of one or two things you want to say in advance. If this is the case, don't worry too much. Your partner knows you well and loves you: asking them to marry you is the natural evolution of your relationship - let this knowledge reassure you.

Final Thoughts

However you choose to propose, and wherever you do it, the most important thing to remember is that you are asking the love of your life to take the next step in a lifelong commitment with you. With that in mind, you will want the perfect rings to symbolise this formalisation of your relationship. From the opulent and ornate to the understated and classic, Goldsmiths' heritage stretches back over 235 years, and we are able to advise you on the perfect ring.

It's a wonderful time, so take a moment to enjoy the magic of your engagement together.

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