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Goldsmiths Guide to Getting Engaged

Ring Styles

The style helps define the personality of the ring and can be chosen from four main styles in our engagement ring range. Each of these: Solitaire, Multi-stone, Cluster and Halo, projects their own individuality, with some being more contemporary while others are more classic.

Solitaire rings showcase a single diamond at the centre of a metal band. Due to its simplicity, it is seen as the most timeless of all engagement ring styles meaning it can be shared to future generations, always keeping in fashion.

Trilogy rings have three stones and are understood to be the most emotionally powerful of all engagement ring styles. They are designed to represent your love in the past, present and future, acting as a real lucky charm for your lifetime together.

Cluster rings are more classic with a number of stones that elaborately splay from a centre stone, giving a stylish and astounding appearance. These rings have kept in fashion over the years with the Duchess of Cambridge re-popularising the ring with her engagement to Prince William. They are seen as modern vintage with a classic twist.

Halo rings have a centre stone that is surrounded by a circular halo of diamonds. These rings are similar to cluster rings, though are seen as more contemporary.

Ring Styles guide

Alongside the style there are options of the setting of the ring that holds the stones in the engagement ring. Some of these settings help define the style and over all look & feel of your ring.

Claw setting grasps the stone with claws spaced evenly around the ring. The claw settings contains pillars that hold the ring up and encourage light to flow through the diamond, highlighting its' brilliance, while still holding the stone securely in place.

Channel setting secures a row of diamonds sunken into the ring band, with a modern look. These rings provide a slim clean appearance to the engagement ring making it noticeable and engaging.

Pave setting is similar to invisible setting, though paves the entire width of the band with diamonds.

Halo setting is used to create the Halo ring, connecting a claw setting for the centre stone to the number of diamonds that surround it.

At Goldsmiths, beyond our extensive range of engagement rings across a wide variety of styles, we offer a One of a Kind service. This is perfect opportunity to design a ring to be truly personal and compatible with your individual needs. Our jewellery experts are available to share guidance on creating a ring using our bespoke engagement ring service.

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