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Goldsmiths Guide to Getting Engaged

Choosing The Ring

How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring for your other half can be a daunting task, with many choices ranging from the type of metal, stone and ring setting, to whether the ring is contemporary or classic.

At Goldsmiths, we have an extensive range of engagement rings to suit a wide range of people, and provide support with dedicated jewellery specialists both online and in our showrooms, all to help you make the right choice for an engagement ring.

Which Metal Should the Ring Be Made Of?

The type of metal is a personal choice, though many will keep the same colour of metal worn in other jewellery, simply so that it matches. Wearing mainly white gold, yellow gold or platinum is usually the deciding factor, though often white gold wearers may decide to upgrade to platinum. Being a hardier metal it offers extra piece of mind for the lifetime investment, while still matching other white metal jewellery.

One thing to consider is that the metal of the engagement ring should match the wedding band, to prevent damage with two different metals position next to each other.

Which Metal?

What Style Should The ring Be?

The style helps define the personality of the ring and will fall into four main categories: Solitaire, Multi-stones, Cluster and Halo. Each of these styles projects their own individuality, with some being more contemporary while others are more classic.

One deciding factor for the style of the ring can be diamonds or coloured stones? Solitaire for example is made of a single diamond, so if having coloured stones are important in the ring then best to focus on another style.

Alongside the style there are options of the setting of the ring, the most common of these settings are: Claw, Channel, and Pave. Though, if undecided on a particular setting, first look at the main types of rings to figure out the preferred style. Often the style dictates the setting, in the case of a Solitaire this is typically designed in a Claw setting.

It's also possible to discover the right wedding & engagement ring at the same time, with our bridal sets, that are designed in conjunction with each other for rings that fit together seamlessly.

Choosing the Ring

How Do I Know The Quality Of The Stones?

Knowing the quality of the stones is important, as it's the engagement ring is an important symbol of your everlasting commitment to your partner. With our jewellery experts on hand, we can give you guidance on the quality of the stone that is simply defined by its Four C's: colour, clarity, carat and cut.

Goldsmiths are also proud to stock ethical and conflict-free diamonds and gold from around the world. We are one of the first companies who have been independently accredited by the Responsible Jewellery Council for promoting responsible, ethical, human rights, social and environmental practices.

Need Further Guidance Finding The One?

At Goldsmiths, we appreciate that choosing an engagement ring can be challenging as it's only the first step in a journey of a lifetime, though with over 235 years of helping couples find the perfect ring with the expertise we offer through our dedicated jewellery specialists, we are confident we can help support you find the perfect ring.

We offer guidance in our showrooms and online support and would love to hear any and all questions you have. We are committed to supporting you on your first step in a journey of a lifetime.

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