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Goldsmiths Guide to Getting Engaged

Bridal Sets

A bridal set is a set that combines both an engagement ring and the wedding band for her. They are ideal for making sure the brides engagement and wedding ring fit together seamlessly, however, will still mean the additional band will need to be arranged and may not match.

Matching styles, shapes & metals is the main reasons why people choose a bridal set, as it ensures the rings fit together seamlessly and in proportion with each other, while fitting comfortably on the ring finger.

Bridal Sets Engagement Guide

Bridal sets simplifies the choices deciding on the perfect ring, as you do not need to know a significant amount about settings or styles of rings, only pick out the one that catches your eye! You will not need to recognise the difference between a Victorian style ring and an Art Deco ring, though should you decide to know more about set styles we can guide you with our jewellery specialists at Goldsmiths.

It also ensures that the ring metals will complement each other extending the life of the rings. If platinum engagement ring is worn with a white gold wedding band these two metals can rub against each other causing damage, as platinum is a denser metal than white gold. All bridal sets at Goldsmiths will be paired with the same choice of metal, meaning that you can be confident in your selection.

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