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TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze - Buyer's Voice

By Amanda Evans | 5 minute read

TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze article

The recent launch of the TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze was hugely exciting. This award-winning and incredibly successful Swiss watch brand never fails to inspire us, and the stunning Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze is a welcome addition to this already coveted collection. We invited Senior Watch Buyer, Lisa Broun, to share her thoughts on this exciting new piece.

Calibre: Exclusively available to the Watches of Switzerland Group TUDOR Boutique here in the UK, the launch of the TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze has been hotly anticipated. Being given the opportunity to retail such a prestigious watch from one of TUDOR’s flagship collections is immensely exciting and further cements the strength in our partnership with this luxury Swiss watch brand. Explain to us, in your own words, about the draw of the exclusive TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze.

It is exciting to have such a special piece that is only available in our TUDOR White City Boutique. The Black Bay family is our best-selling collection, and the heritage Black Bay 58 has been arguably one of the most coveted editions in recent years. Premium quality combined with robust, high quality construction without compromising on style, we still see the much-loved iconic TUDOR characteristics in this timepiece. TUDOR did not hesitate to hit the headlines with their first ever Boutique Edition and we are proud for this piece to kick off, what I am sure will be the first of many, exclusive high-performing showstoppers in our White City Boutique.

Calibre: Bronze has become more widely used in watchmaking over recent years and TUDOR is no stranger to working with this material. This living metal develops a unique patina over time which grants the wearer a rewarding illustrative history reflective of their lifestyle. In short, each timepiece becomes totally unique. Can you tell us a bit about how TUDOR has used bronze in the past and whether you think that bronze is here to stay?

Bronze is a trend that is on the rise and although we have seen TUDOR use this material before, the new Black Bay 58 Bronze is the first to come with a matching bracelet of the same material. Despite the vintage charm that bronze gives, it is a contemporary material that is definitely here to stay. The craftsmanship required to just produce a bronze case takes meticulous care and the addition of a bronze bracelet is nothing short of spectacular from TUDOR.

Calibre: What is your favourite design feature of the new Black-Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze and why?

I love that this watch is designed to show its age gracefully and will adapt itself to its wearer overtime – creating the ultimate perfect partnership. No two timepieces are going to age the same and each will have its own remarkable character. We cannot forget the new T-Fit adjustment system that allows you to adjust the bracelet length within 8mm – a much welcomed addition to those that want comfort in all conditions.

Calibre: There is always much anticipation surrounding the launch of a new watch, but TUDOR kept this very much under wraps. They did release some teasers prior to the launch – did you predict what it would be and was there anything about the Black Bay Fifty-Eight bronze that particularly surprised you?

The build up around the launch was executed exceptionally well by TUDOR – they know how to launch with style, and we would not expect anything less. Instagram had the great feature to set a reminder and to follow the countdown to make sure you did not miss a thing. TUDOR have really stepped up the game, thinking outside the box to launch with as much impact as possible in these current circumstances. Just like everyone else, we had notifications on to see the hottest new launch!

Calibre: Who do you think this new piece will appeal to and why?

Anyone looking for a standout conversation starter that blends vintage design details with modern-day technical innovation needs to get their hands on this piece. With an additional strap to instantly change the look and a strong 70-hour power reserve thanks to the COSC manufacture calibre MT5400, this reliable companion can be left off your wrist for the weekend and be at the right time Monday morning \(although we do not see why you would want to\). The famous strong TUDOR values have not been compromised to produce this unique distinctive timepiece and we have no doubt it will a much-loved edition to anyone’s collection in years to come.

Discover the TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze here.

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