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‘AS INTRIGUING AS IT IS BEAUTIFUL’: THE GUCCI 25H COLLECTION, AS TOLD BY Maurizio Pisanu – Managing Director for Gucci Watches & Jewellery

By Elsie Flynn 5 Minute Read
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Idris Elba - British actor, producer, musician, and icon of the 21st century – was recently dubbed as “Hollywood’s most stylish man”. It’s fitting, then, that Idris would be enlisted to exhibit the newest editions to the GUCCI 25H collection – a selection of timepieces defined by their sleek forms and bold designs.

“It’s Gucci Time”, Idris uttered in the 40-second campaign that blended hints of retro aesthetics and humour. The clip leaves a long-lasting impression of wanting, and needing, more of everything GUCCI 25H. So we sat down with Maurizio Pisanu – Managing Director for Gucci Watches & Jewellery - to delve deeper into the collection and whet our appetites even further.

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We are thrilled to be speaking with you about the editions to the GUCCI 25H collection, and delighted the brand is celebrating 50 years of watchmaking this year. Tell us - what do you believe is the secret behind the success of the Gucci brand?

From the first styles in 1972 to the newest timepieces, the House has expertly blended Swiss craftsmanship with Italian design to create exceptionally original watches. Each one contains not just the strong heritage and limitless creativity of the brand but also Switzerland's traditional watchmaking expertise. Gucci has never been afraid to do things differently and push boundaries, and every design expresses the House’s unmistakable style. Bold and disruptive, there is a watch to suit everyone's individuality, and it's hard to resist the extraordinary appeal of this unique Gucci design DNA.

The GUCCI 25H timepieces are sleek yet multi-layered. Was this design a reflection of your interpretation of the intricacy of time?

What is so fascinating about incredible design is that it can be interpreted differently. With its impossibly slim case, smooth bezel, and use of the first in-house GG 727.25 calibre, the GUCCI 25H took over a year to design and represents a significant milestone and impressive technical achievement for the House. Inspired by contemporary architecture, the entire collection features sharp, clean lines, contrasting finishes and multi-layered, sleek silhouettes. Setting a new standard for attention to detail, the GUCCI 25H is a celebration of the House’s creativity.

How do you believe these timepieces reflect the duality of contemporary and past times?

The GUCCI 25H collection expertly treads a tightrope between vintage and modern, and this dualism can be seen throughout the designs. Bold, architectural shaping, as sleek, contemporary and finely-tuned as a skyscraper, meets vintage touches like the retro-lined dial. The combination is as intriguing as it is beautiful.

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Although each stainless-steel bracelet in the GUCCI 25H timepieces are a constant, there is a notable play on the dial colours. Were these variations mirroring the concept of wanting more with choice?

All Gucci watches are imagined with self-expression in mind. Each one is playful and characterful, designed to offer something to suit everyone's individuality, style or mood. So, for example, in 2022, there are two new genderless GUCCI 25H glass dial designs in turquoise-blue or pink glass that change tone with the light and a dynamic color-coded design that blends pink, blue, and green aluminium with a pink-brass dial. These new designs celebrate Gucci's visionary creativity and technical expertise.

What made this collection different from all the timepieces Gucci has previously created?

Creativity is sparked by combining disruptive, challenging design with traditional watchmaking, and every collection Gucci launches offers something new and different. The latest GUCCI 25H timepieces take captivating craftsmanship to new heights. Each new addition blends the line’s signature modern style with fresh and unexpected details – adding a mesmerizing new dimension to this unique collection and offering even more choice in terms of self-expression.

If you could describe this collection in one word, what would it be and why?

From its contemporary inspiration to its clean-line style, smooth and straightforward codes predominate throughout the GUCCI 25H collection. Contained within that ultra-thin design lies a watchmaking powerhouse, full of creativity, retro quirks and technical expertise. So 'sleek' is an essential watchword for this collection.

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