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By Elsie Flynn 3 Minute Read
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The Tour de France. A cyclist’s dream, and a competition like no other. This isn’t any leisurely cycle around the park, no: the Tour de France is the most outstanding and highly respected bike riding competition in the world.

Tissot are the proud, long-standing Official Timekeepers of the Tour de France. As victory is often decided by a fraction of a second, their role is an important one. To honour this partnership, Tissot have released the ‘Tissot T-Race Cycling Tour de France’ timepiece, a watch inspired by racing bikes. With the race logo engraved on the caseback, and the iconic yellow trim on the second hands and crowns, wearing this watch will bring you closer to glory – whichever cycling track you’re on!

We’re delighted to have spoken to Tissot ambassador Primož Roglič, one of the biggest names in the sport, as he discusses his career and the latest Tissot ‘Tour de France’ timepiece.

Primoz Roglic Tissor Tour de France 2.png

Thank you so much for sitting down with us, Primož. Let’s go right back to the start - can you put into words just what inspired you to begin your career in cycling?

To begin my career as a cyclist, I would say I was inspired to always try to be the best. Facing the end of my career as a ski jumper, I had a lot of injuries and lack of motivation. When I was 22 years old, I saw cycling on television, and I thought this would be the sport for me! It looked, physically, one of the hardest sports and that is what caught my attention and my drive to try and be the best in it.

How do you think Tissot, as a brand, celebrate athletes in the cyclist industry?

Tissot supports us in cycling industries and most importantly the measuring of time. In this case, it’s a clock that always goes in my favour.

What do you think makes the ‘Tour de France’ collection a great choice for both athletes and watch collectors?

The watch collection is beautiful regardless of if you are a cycling enthusiast, a fan, an amateur or just an ordinary person. It’s a truly nice piece to have on your wrist. I like each and every one of Tissot’s watches because I am the type of guy who likes to try different pieces on my wrist to represent different moods!

Finally, what are your goals – career or otherwise! - for the next few years? Where can we expect to see Primož Roglič go next?

We can expect to see an overreach in the future. I’m definitely fighting for bigger things in the cycling industry.

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