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A Q&A Guide to Hublot’s High Net Worth Novelties

By Yasemin Gumushan   |   4 minute read

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As we know, Hublot doesn’t do quiet. Hublot doesn’t do discreet. Hublot is unapologetically Hublot. Since Hublot’s inception in 1980, the brand has become globally renowned for revolutionising the watchmaking landscape. Whilst appreciating the art of tradition, expect the latest materials and manufacturing techniques in creating sophisticated and stylish timepieces.

Embodying their memorable phrase of ‘The Art of Fusion’, Hublot’s latest High Net Worth collection blends innovation with the extraordinary. From the Big Bang One Click Rainbow covered in a kaleidoscope of coloured gemstones, to the striking angles of the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Orlinski King Gold Blue, these pieces are unashamedly Hublot.

Here at the Watches of Switzerland Group, we spoke with Hublot’s Brand Director in UK & Ireland, Omar Choudhary to find out more about the pieces.

We’re delighted to be speaking with you about Hublot’s High Net Worth collection. Please can you tell our readers a bit more about yourself and the role you play at the brand?

My name is Omar Choudhary, I’m the Brand Director for Hublot overseeing the UK & Ireland. I joined the brand in November 2019 and have been in the watches and jewellery sector for 10 years now. I’m accountable for all projects Hublot across the UK and Ireland; sales, marketing, logistics etc. It’s a rounded and exciting role that I thoroughly enjoy.

How would you describe Hublot to a new watch collector?

The first, unique and 100% different. Hublot have the unique ability to create timepieces which combine tradition and innovation. A daring brand that is not scared to be the first one, or the only, doing something different within the industry.

In your opinion, what sets Hublot apart from other timepiece brands?

‘The Art of Fusion’ is our concept that sets Hublot apart from every other brand.

The combination of new materials and movement like no other brand. We were the first to combine rubber and gold and we were the first to truly industrialise the use of Sapphire Crystal for our cases and even in our in-house movements. Our distinctive and very visual in-house movements can be appreciated through our dials and case backs across most of our watches, letting all Hublot wearers appreciate the beauty of the movements.

Can you share what inspires Hublot and the pieces?

Innovation! Hublot are innovators, if we are not doing something different or new, then what would set us apart? New case shapes, new movement, new materials, new partnerships! All these areas inspire new watches and new looks.

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The Big Bang Tourbillon Black Magic and Big Bang Tourbillon Carbon are a limited edition of 100 pieces each, can you share the qualities of these watches?

Both are a 45mm diameter and are water resistant to a depth of 30m. The movement is a new Hublot manufactured movement, the HUB6035 Automatic Tourbillon. It has a stunning 22k white gold micro rotor on the dial side where ‘Hublot’ spins as part of the Rotor.

They have a 72-hour power reserve,and the dial gives the illusion the movement is floating within the case! These are stunning time pieces, coming in full black ceramic, and the Carbon version made from carbon fibre and texalium.

We also produce a new Orange Sapphire model in this watch which is limited to 30 pieces worldwide. Again, another first for Hublot as Hublot are the first brand to use this material for the case of a watch.

Art is at the heart of Hublot, and the Big Bang Sang Bleu II Limited Edition is striking! Can you tell us more about the abstract dial?

The dial and case were designed by Hublot and Maxime Plescia-Buchi, a Swiss tattoo and creative artist. You can certainly see the influence of Maxime on the timepiece from one look at his art and tattoo’s. A striking masterpiece of art and timekeeping!

As an ambassador, Sang Bleu and Maxime Plescia-Buchi perfectly incarnates Hublot’s willingness to merge the arts and bring together fundamentally contrasting worlds. Dualities, opposing forces that evolve into powerful synergies. This surprising and audacious collaboration takes the form of a glass and metal sculpture created by the artist. Singular shapes spatially transpose the inspirations born from the encounter between Sang Bleu, Maxime Plescia-Buchi and Hublot.

For me, the coming together of Sang Bleu and Hublot is a “match made in heaven” insofar as the two projects, in their respective domains, represent the highest level of technical and creative innovation without ever compromising the quality of their aesthetics.

A feature of Sang Bleu and Hublot is the principle of “fusion”, in their manner of building bridges between materials, techniques and cultures. As a watch lover, I have always dreamed of such a collaboration, and I cannot imagine a greater opportunity to further develop my creative scope and the reach of Sang Bleu.

Maxime Plescia-Buchi

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Do you have a favourite and why?

It’s really difficult to choose a favourite if I’m honest. I must change my mind on a weekly or daily basis!

I’m a huge fan of Sapphire, I just think these watches look incredible. However much I love other watches we produce; I do seem to always come back to these. The clear, and the different colours we produce are just so beautiful and unique. I love the transparency of the case, and skeletonised dials, completely exposing everything of the watch. They’re amazing.

Finally, if you could describe Hublot in 3 words, what would they be?

I think the best way, honestly, is how I mentioned it earlier: The first, unique and 100% different.

We aim to be the first in everything we do, being the first usually means we are the only one, which will always make us 100% different. For me, this as a strategy, I believe it’s brave, unapologetic, and makes Hublot a visionary in the industry.

Hublot’s High Net Worth collection will be available to view as pop-ups in our showrooms at the following locations across The Watches of Switzerland Group:

London | Oxford Street Watches of Switzerland

September 16th - October 7th

Manchester | Trafford Centre Goldsmiths - upper mall

October 13th – November 2nd

Manchester | Watches of Switzerland

November 4th - November 18th

Birmingham | Watches of Switzerland

November 24th - December 15th

Experience the revolutionary world of Hublot at Goldsmiths online here

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