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By Elsie Flynn 4 Minute Read
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“The race of the future.” That’s what André Lotterer – professional racing driver at the TAG Heuer Formula E Evening held on 28th July 2022 - called it, and it’s hard to disagree with him. Whilst only eight years old, Formula E has grasped the attention of racing fans and the environmentally friendly alike: it’s a 100% electric race that thrills viewers and paves the way for a greener tomorrow all in one.

TAG Heuer has a rich automotive heritage and commitment to motor-sport, and this extends to the newest edition to the racing family. Having worked closely with Formula E since the Championship’s inception in 2014, TAG Heuer continues to use its expertise as Official Timekeeper of the Championship and brings the partnership to life by awarding the TAG Heuer Fastest Lap in each E-Prix. This has a true impact on the sport, as the driver who claims the TAG Heuer Fastest Lap is awarded one additional point, bringing them one step closer to winning the World Championship.

And as the London E-Prix took place last weekend, TAG Heuer celebrated the 2022 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship at Magazine London with friends of the brand and its partner, Porsche. In a conversation hosted by Tomi Adebayo during the evening, TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team drivers Pascal Wehrlein and André Lotterer spoke about their racing careers, TAG Heuer collections, and their own thoughts on creating a cleaner planet.

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You’ve been to many races and many tracks in your career. Can you tell us which is your favourite one so far and why?

André Lotterer London! Although, I was scared to say somewhere else here. Second best would be Mexico, as we were very successful there. The privilege to go to new cities and represent the race of the future is something very cool.

It goes without saying that you’re both interested in racing games - specifically on the simulator - who’s better between the two of you?

André Lotterer Pascal is! I have to give it to him. But on the track it’s different…

Pascal Wehrlein Andre is better on the track than the simulator!

How do you stay focused during a race and not allow yourself to think about other things?

André Lotterer We don’t really have a choice! Things are coming toward you, and you have to use your instincts. For Pascal and I, it’s what we’ve been doing since we were little – we started on go karts – and the only thing you have in mind is, “how can I drive this car faster?”. It comes natural now. It’s not as though we have to sit down and force ourselves to focus.

Formula E is all about sustainability, net zero, and helping create a better planet. Has becoming a racing driver for Formula E changed your perspective on sustainability?

André Lotterer From my perspective, it’s the first time, after racing for many years, that you can use the sport to send a message, to take responsibility, and represent something better. It’s no longer just about going fast around in circles. It’s combined now with sustainability, and we’re all feeling more responsible for it.

Finally, which TAG Heuer timepiece is your favourite?

André Lotterer I have collected a few over the years. The one I’m wearing now is the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 and it’s great for the race track. But I have a soft spot for mechanical watches, to be honest, and the Monaco and Carrera are very cool.

Pascal Wehrlein I’m also wearing the Connected. We both received it in Mexico – where we clinched the historic one-two finish – and received the watch from TAG Heuer. We’ve not been given any others since, though!

Keep an eye on the Formula E. It’s only going to rise in popularity, and all for the right reasons: it’s a genuinely compelling sport that is racing toward a better future.

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