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Pearl Necklaces

There is no gem quite so romantic as the timeless pearl. With some taking up to seven years to form in the depths of our oceans, it’s easy to see why these beautiful commodities have become so associated with love over time. We have a bespoke collection of pearl necklaces in a broad range of styles; from gold and silver pearl pendants to pearl string necklaces and everything in between. You’re sure to find a beautiful ladies’ piece that is perfect for her.

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Why settle for one pearl when you can have a string of these beautiful iridescent gems? The women’s 9ct White Gold Graduated Pearl Strand necklace comes in a matching set with pearl stud earrings, completing any outfit effortlessly. Traditionally crafted so that each pearl gets slightly smaller towards the clasp, this necklace sings of elegance and is the perfect accessory to be adorned at any special occasion. If you’re looking for something more suited to everyday wear, the White Gold Fresh Water Pearl & Diamond Pendant is a fine choice. Featuring a single pearl encased in a circle of diamonds on a delicate chain, this ladies’ necklace is simplistic yet chic. Understated and incredibly versatile, this piece can be worn to the office, to a wedding or simply to an evening meal. To explore our full range of pearl necklaces for sale at Goldsmiths, simply browse online or visit us at one of our UK showrooms today, where one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

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