Fulfilling the destiny of a Fine Watchmaking manufacturer continuously impelled by daring, authenticity and pleasure since 1865.

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El Primero Movement
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DEFY Collection

Zenith Defy

The DEFY range is a breeding ground for the future of traditional swiss watchmaking. Drawing inspiration from the original DEFY collection of the last century while looking steadfast to the future, the DEFY collection is defined by its retro-futuristic faceted tonneau-shaped case, the perfect housing for exceptional manufacture movements.

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Chronomaster Collection

Zenith Chronomaster

Zenith Chronomaster is the most famous movement in the history of watchmaking and is included in the vernacular of watch enthusiasts everywhere. While all others generally beat at a rate of eight vibrations per second, these Zenith watches beat ten times in that same second. Built with a premium inner mechanism and the finest materials, each model guarantees both precise and stylish time-telling.

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Elite Collection

Zenith Elite

The height of mechanical excellence meets true elegance in the Elite collection of Zenith watches. Here, modernity meets classic timepieces - including the Power Reserve, Moonphase and Ultra-Thin designs - to deliver a highly unique, efficient watch. Hosting a wealth of styles for both men and women, this exclusive range is widely renowned across the UK and the world for its elegance.

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Pilot Collection

Zenith Pilot

Designed to offer outstanding performance on every adventure, the Zenith Pilot collection will never let you down when time is of the essence.

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El Primero

El Primero Movement

Zenith El Primero

Founded in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot, Zenith has a rich history in the manufacture of Swiss timepieces by producing watches which have become icons. The most notable achievement was the creation of the first integrated automatic chronograph movement - the Zenith El primero - which still to this day is the most precise series-made.

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The exceptional Zenith Manufacture

Still located in the premises where it was founded in 1865, Zenith currently houses 80 professions, exercised by its 250-strong personnel, all of whom are dedicated to exceptional watchmaking. Whether exponents of the more artistic crafts or of ultra-technical skills, all team members are proud to fulfil the mission that founder George Favre-Jacot laid out almost 150 years ago: to master each gesture in order to enable the free-spirited creation of mechanical marvels.

From designers to engineers, the Zenith family has combined noble watchmaking traditions with avant-garde innovations for well over a century.

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El Primero Chronomaster
El Primero Original 1969
Defy Classic
Elite Lady Moonphase

About Zenith

Since 1865, Zenith has been guided by authenticity, daring and passion in pushing the boundaries of excellence, precision and innovation. Soon after its founding in Le Locle by visionary watchmaker Georges Favre-Jacot, Zenith gained recognition for the precision of its chronometers, with which it has won 2,333 chronometry prizes in just over a century and a half of existence: an absolute record. Famed for its legendary 1969 El Primero calibre enabling short-time measurements accurate to the nearest 1/10th of a second, the Manufacture has since developed over 600 movement variations.

Today, Zenith offers new and fascinating vistas in time measurement, including 1/100th of a second timing with the Defy El Primero 21 and a whole new dimension in mechanical precision with the world's most accurate watch, the 21st century Defy Lab. Energised by newly reinforced ties with a proud tradition of dynamic, avant-garde thinking, Zenith is writing its future...and the future of Swiss watchmaking.

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