Combining vintage inspirations and catwalk trends, Olivia Burton creates striking and covetable accessory collections with a signature unique flair.

Olivia Burton Glasshouse Collection

For our new Glasshouse collection, we were inspired by the history of the Victorian glass houses and the golden age of botany which saw explorers bring the first exotic plants to British soil. Curious sun-soaked blooms, once native to far off lands, trip the light alongside traditional trellis details designed to capture the sun. Lift your wrist to the light and watch how your garden grows!

Olivia Burton

About Olivia Burton

Established in 2012 in London, two designers and best friends decided to start a new line of watches and jewellery that takes inspiration from both vintage and catwalk trends. Each design has a beautiful feminine style with elegant and timeless charm that is unique from any other fashion watch. These watches make the perfect keepsake, ideal for every day wear, special occasions and making the most adorable of gifts.

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