For over 150 years now, Junghans watches have combined watchmaking and design expertise on the wrist. Style made tangible.

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Max Bill
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Meister Collection

Junghans Meister

Since the 1930s the finest watches of the company have borne the Meister appellation. They continue to feature a skilful blend of the fascination with watchmaking and aesthetic design.

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Max Bill

Max Bill Collection

Junghans Max Bill

Inspired by the philosophy of the Bauhaus, the JUNGHANS Max Bill proves that less really can be more. Minimalist through and through, it guides the eye to the essential: the time.

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Roam the entire collection of Junghans watches for men and women on the Goldsmiths UK website.

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The German Watch

Junghans watches have a long history, which began in the Black Forest town of Schramberg in 1861. We have utilised traditional craftsmanship, state-of-the-art watchmaking technology and clear, concise designs to set global standards. A German-made success story that began over 150 years ago and is still ongoing in the 21st century - on your wrist.


About Junghans

Junghans has been giving a face to time for over 150 years. The attention to detail, the high demands on design and quality and generations of technical expertise have characterised the products of Uhrenfabrik Junghans since it was founded in 1861.

Today, Junghans still produces all of its watches on the historical company site. The clear design language of Junghans watches is a constant factor throughout the history of the company. The latest indication of this can be found in the stylish models of the FORM family, with their reduced simplicity.

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