Chopard is a Swiss watchmaker and jewellery maker founded in 1860 in Sonvilier by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, originally known for making ladies' watches and pocket watches.

Chopard Collections

Classic Racing
Happy Diamonds
Happy Dreams
Happy Hearts
Happy Sport
Classic Racing

Classic Racing Collection

Chopard Classic Racing

Discover Chopard's Classic Racing men's watches that build a bridge between automotive engineering and mechanical watchmaking. Find inspiration by exploring this section dedicated to our Classic Racing collection.

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Classic Collection

Chopard Classic

Shop the timeless Classic collection of watches that will never go out of style. The unisex design allows them to look beautiful on any wrist, the automatic movement makes them a true piece of Swiss watchmaking art.

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Happy Diamonds

Happy Diamonds Collection

Chopard Happy Diamonds

Discover Chopard's most iconic ladies' watches collection. Happy Diamonds ladies' watches are a true must have for free-spirited women who like to differentiate themselves. Browse the beautiful watch collection here on Goldsmiths.

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Happy Dreams

Happy Dreams Collection

Chopard Happy Dreams

The new Happy Dreams collection lifts Chopard's iconic moving diamonds heavenwards on a reverie-inspired journey full of light and joyful promise.

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Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts Collection

Chopard Happy Hearts

A perfect alliance between Chopard's heart emblem and the Maison's iconic moving diamonds, the Happy Hearts Collection unites all women who share a taste for generosity and self-giving - women with a big heart. Composed of jewelled hearts fitted with moving diamonds and colourful hearts, the collection regularly enriches its colour range with new variations, offering an ever-growing selection and enabling women to acquire a treasure trove of these talisman jewellery pieces.

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Happy Sport

Happy Sport Collection

Chopard Happy Sport

Back in 1993, Happy Sport became the first watch daring to combine the most precious of stones - diamonds - with the most unexpected material - stainless steel. Today it has become an icon and boasts an infinity of variations.

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Imperiale Collection

Chopard Imperiale

Discover Chopard's most feminine collection which strikes by their sculptural lines and the refinement of their details. A tribute to today's empresses, who do not need a crown to assert their majesty. Browse the collection of elegant women's watches here on Goldsmiths and experience the IMPERIALE collection.

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Luc Collection

Chopard Luc

L.U.C watches epitomize the highest standard of Swiss watchmaking, as they are entirely manufactured in our ateliers in Fleurier, Switzerland. Explore the timepieces here on Goldsmiths and enter the world of watchmaking excellence.

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Chopard & Sustainability

In today's world, nobody can remain indifferent to the big questions and challenges of the Earth and Humanity. We are all responsible and should contribute to the best of our ability. Chopard, as a family Maison, has assumed this responsibility as part of its own identity, values and tradition. Only a family could so deeply sense the vital need to pass on its quintessential nature. "We believe that the world's most precious creation is in fact the planet itself and it is our duty to preserve its purity and integrity for the next generations", Scheufele family.


About Chopard

Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the son of a farmer from Sonvilier, quickly conquered Switzerland and the world at the age of 24. The artisan watchmaker created works of art with innovative designs, which early on helped him export to such illustrious places like the court of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Qualities like precision and reliability were very sought-after characteristics in watches, dating all the way back to the 19th century. With unique chronometers and pocket watches, Louis-Ulysse Chopard aimed to fulfill and exceed these desires.

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