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Breitling Professional Watches

Founded in 1884, Breitling has consistently set the standard for professionalism and performance in watches. The brand is well known for a history of innovative chronographs, with era-defining designs across its history – perfect for the modern man who demands more from his watch than just time-telling.

Find functionality, features and finesse with our selection of Breitling professional watches. Each one seamlessly combines strength and style – built to meet the demands of any adventure. Choose from models such as the Aerospace EVO and Endurance Pro online today. If you’d prefer to browse the collection in person, visit one of our UK showrooms.

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Get Men’s Breitling Professional Watches at Goldsmiths

Discover striking titanium cases, sturdy sapphire crystal glass, digital screens, electronic tachometers, smartphone connectivity and digital perpetual calendars across the range. We have two Breitling professional watch models available: the Aerospace Evo and the Endurance Pro.

The Aerospace Evo offers a timeless look that exudes class while being engineered for excellence. For athletic professionals, meanwhile, the Endurance Pro offers a lightweight design coupled with innovative technology.

Take a closer look at the Breitling Professional watches range for sale online and find the perfect fit for you. Want expert advice on watches? Book an appointment to speak with a member of our team at our UK showrooms.

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