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True Colours

By Laura McCreddie-Doak 4 Minute Read

Diamonds may be the stones of love but coloured gemstones with their own particular meanings are becoming popular engagement ring choices. During the month in which we celebrate Mental Health Day, we look at what effect these stones have on our emotions and how to pick the perfect pairings.

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Ancient civilisations believed they could protect soldiers in battle or help you see into the future; in the Renaissance it was thought that some were possessed by the spirits of demons and now the likes of Adele and Victoria Beckham use them to bring balance to their lives.

The belief in precious stones and their power to influence emotions and situations has been part of human existence for millennia. It appears in every culture from Egypt to India, even Plato talks about crystal healing, albeit in his account of the lost island of Atlantis, and their properties allegedly range from curing poor eyesight to aiding sleep. The science is vague, but it is thought that different stones have unique energetic vibrations that can interact with the body’s energy fields, redirecting or stimulating energy flow, effecting not just our emotions but our minds, and our mental health, as well. Whether or not you believe this, it cannot be denied that coloured gemstones do illicit diverse reactions. This isn’t simply about preference but about having a connection to a stone that goes beyond its colour or how it has been set, which explains why coloured stones are becoming increasing popular as engagement rings; their emotional meanings being parlayed into gestures of personal sentiment.

The diamond is the obvious classic, symbolic of love and purity, but what about when you pair it with aquamarine, as Goldsmiths has done with this gorgeous engagement band? Aquamarine is a stone of happiness and hope; match it with diamonds and you have a ring that speaks of more than just love, but a joyful future. Swap out aquamarine for sapphire and the sentiment changes again. Blue sapphire is a stone associated with nobility, but also with bringing joy and representing loyalty; powerful sentiments when combined with diamond’s message of fidelity. The only challenge will be deciding whether to present this sentiment in oval cut and platinum, pear cut and yellow gold or brilliant cut and haloed.

Blue isn’t the only colour when it comes to sapphires, there’s pink as well, which carries a different emotional significance. This is a stone with potent psychic protection, one that restores balance. Goldsmiths has two beautiful variations. For those with more contemporary tastes, it comes brilliant cut flanked by shoulders set with round-cut diamonds. The more traditionally minded will be drawn to the haloed oval cut, which emphasises the lightness and joy this stone is said to bring. If you wish to bring the blessings of Venus, goddess of love, into your relationship, emerald is your stone. Its verdant beauty, enhanced here by a halo of diamonds, is also associated with domestic bliss, handy for a happy marriage.

For those with fire in the blood, it has to be ruby. Set against warm yellow gold, it is a stone thought to protect as well as bring good fortune. It's not necessary to stick to the big four – diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire – to find romantic symbolism. Green amethyst, which Goldsmiths has in both oval and cushion cuts is a stone with a delicate beauty that brings with it calmness, generosity, and, even, fertility. There’s also blue topaz, a gem whose colour can range from storm-churned ocean to sun-drenched sea, and that is said to be a symbol of prosperity and communication. Or maybe tanzanite, pear cut and flanked with two diamonds, a stone so special it is only found in one place in the world and helps unite the heart and mind.

You may not fully buy into the idea that a stone can change emotions or bring good fortune, but choosing a gem with some knowledge of its meaning and how that resonates with the person you love can make those two words “will you?” mean so much more.

Discover the perfect coloured gemstone for yourself or a loved one here at Goldsmiths online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you find the perfect piece.

Author Credit: Laura McCreddie-Doak has been writing about jewellery and watches for over a decade. She is a regular contributor to the likes of Times LUXX, Wired, The Telegraph, and Evening Standard, as well as online publications such as Ape to Gentleman.

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