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Jewellery Trends of 2022

By Rachael Taylor 4 Minute Read

There is a spirit of individuality taking over jewellery trends in 2022 as we mix ‘n’ match and opt for bolder shapes and shades. After all, jewellery is not just an extension of our style, but a reflection of our personality. The question is: which of this year’s most sought-after trends speaks most to you?

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For the extroverts, there is a lot to choose from. This season’s catwalks were awash with power jewellery, from bold chokers to the mind-bending surrealist designs of fashion house Schiaparelli. A must-have for those who like to stand out is a pair of statement hoops. This classic jewel has a lot of flex, allowing you to dial the drama up or down through selecting the right size of hoop, as well as whether to opt for embellishments such the diamonds set into these Scatter hoops.

Optimists are also in luck this year. If there has been one stand-out trend in jewellery recently, it is colour. This chromatic celebration started out as a ‘pick me up’ to brighten moods during the pandemic, but now we’re officially hooked on the endorphins. Stars such as Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid have been expressing their creativity through stacks of brightly coloured gems and jewels, and matching your nail art to your colourful jewellery has become a viral sensation. The easiest way to inject colour into your jewellery is through gemstones, be that a soft blush morganite or azure aquamarine or deep-blue sapphire.

Another trend that can be traced back the pandemic is our greater appreciation of nature, and it is one that will appeal to the conscientious among us. Flora and fauna has been an enduring motif in jewellery for centuries, and it once again feels right for this moment. Soft gemstone shapes, such as ovals and marquise, evoke petals and buds, while shimmering gold embodies the sunshine all living things need to thrive, as demonstrated perfectly by these floral hoop earrings.

If you could be described as adventurous or creative, then you will naturally be drawn to ear curation. The rules of how we should wear earrings do not apply to this trend: instead, this is all about finding your own look. Studs, such as these sapphire earrings, hoops and climbers can be mixed and matched to create ever-changing constellations of gold and diamonds.

For the level headed among us, the lovers of balance and symmetry, you will be glad to know that geometry is a key trend this year. Clean lines, mixed diamond cuts and hexagonal settings hark back to the Art Deco era, while also nodding to a slightly futuristic aesthetic. As such, this Open Hexagon pendant would sit as well in the metaverse as a Prohibition-era speakeasy.

Discover your favourite trend jewellery here at Goldsmiths online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you.

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