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The Best Things Come in Small Parcels

By Amanda Evans 3 Minute Read

It’s never too early to find the perfect gift for under the tree…

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As the Autumn leaves fall and the nights start to draw in, we embrace the chill in the air and the dawn of a new season. Along with this, whilst many of us hate to admit it, we’re on the countdown to Christmas. From the turkey to the tinsel, and the social calendars that seem to become busy overnight, the need to be prepared has never been more ubiquitous.

With a little preparation, you also allow yourself time to make considered purchases, take advantage of the best deals, and really bring that Christmas magic to the gifting table this Christmas time.

What Makes Jewellery the Perfect Gift

The gifting of jewellery has been a timeless tradition that has transcended cultures and generations. Gifted as a symbol of love, appreciation, or celebration, it has always remained a meaningful and cherished gesture. Unlike many other gifts, it is quite usual for jewellery to be kept and treasured for a lifetime, often due to the sentimental value and personal associations that come with it. In some cases, jewellery adopts a new lease of life as it filters through generations, each one embracing its beauty in a different way. Jewellery couldn’t be a more timeless gift.

How to Make a Considered Purchase

The luxury of planning ahead means that you really do have time to make a considered purchase. The thought that goes into the gift elevates its meaningful status to another level so that each individual piece of jewellery becomes more than ‘just a gift’.

Jewellery is rich in symbolism and perfectly conveys a sentiment or reflects the recipient’s personality. Whether it’s the expression of love through a heart shaped pendant, a timeless bond reflected in a circular pendant or ring, or the gifting of a first ever diamond to illustrate how precious your relationship is. Jewellery is a versatile gift that speaks volumes without words.

It’s also worth considering the recipient’s style and preferences. Do they always wear yellow gold, or do they prefer white metals such as white gold or platinum? What is their skin tone like? Skin with warm undertones tends to suit yellow gold but cooler undertones tend to suit white gold. Do they opt for simplicity and minimalist jewellery, or do they have a big personality which tends to lend itself well to bolder pieces of jewellery? Earrings are a great choice, from striking diamond hoops to sparkling huggies, both present a very on-trend to suit different styles and personalities.

Treat Yourself

We spend so much time thinking of others that we often forget about ourselves! Whether you’re looking for an everyday addition to your jewellery, or something to elevate your style through at Christmas parties and beyond, give yourself a pat on the back, celebrate your own achievements, revitalise your own jewellery wardrobe and treat yourself!

Our showroom staff are jewellery experts, and whilst they may not personally know the recipient, they will be able to assist you with your gifting choices and help you to make an informed decision in a welcoming environment.

Discover the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one here at Goldsmiths online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you find the perfect piece.

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