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Messika – Disrupting Diamonds Since 2005

By Amanda Evans 3 Minute Read

The iconic and contemporary jewellery collections of Valérie Messika present diamonds with a freedom of movement and energy that lend self-confidence to anyone who wears them.

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Valérie Messika founded Maison Messika in 2005. As the daughter of a diamond merchant, she grew up surrounded by these gemstones, almost as if they were items to play with, and she inherited the love that her father had for the King of gems.

Inspired by her father’s work, Valérie Messika harnessed his passion for enhancing the diamond and pushing the boundaries of traditional design. The stunning diamond jewellery pieces that we see today are representative of the brand’s continuous strive for excellence.

Inspired By The Arts

Valérie had a love of art, fashion, and haute couture which saw her gain a rich appreciation and innate understanding of lines, movement, colour, composition, and the female form. This in turn gave her an appreciation of proportions and elegance of how jewellery should be worn, ergonomic design, and how it should make women feel.

Messika jewellery combines elegance and grace, and at the heart of each beautiful piece comes the pursuit of movement and fluidity. Each piece of exquisite, contemporary diamond jewellery is designed to be worn every day, harnessing freedom of movement and liberation.

The Beginning of a Design DNA

The brand’s signature collection, aptly named “Move” first debuted in 2007, and since this first launch, Move has developed to become a family of over 350 Move creations which all preserve Move’s original design DNA. One, three or five diamonds slide along an open cage defined by soft lines – a perfect reflection of movement within design. This has become the blueprint for Maison Messika’s design innovation.

Messika jewellery is created with the combination of unparalleled expertise. Illustrators, draughtsmen, CAD specialists, model makers, jewellers, setters, and polishers all work together to create the inimitable and exceptional pieces of jewellery, iconic of this jewellery house.

The first stage of design creation requires the creation of up to one hundred sketches illustrating a jewellery design. Before the design is modelled, the designer must create a gouache of the design to illustrate an opaque watercolour of how they expect the final piece to look. This bridges the gap between design and manufacture and acts as a blueprint for the fabrication process. Following the modelling process, the jeweller constructs each element of the jewellery piece such as the shank, setting, springs or chatons, and meticulously solders the pieces together, with several stages of polishing before the final desired finish is achieved.

Messika jewellery has become a red-carpet favourite, with admirers such as Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Adele, and Rihanna cloaked in the brand’s contemporary diamond jewellery designs and attracting brand ambassadors such as Kendall Jenner. Maison Messika continues with the philosophy of disrupting diamonds, creating beautiful contemporary jewellery pieces, combined with the timelessness of the diamond, to be worn every day…don’t mind if I do!

Discover more beautiful jewellery from Messika here at Goldsmiths online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you find the perfect piece for your style.

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