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How to Wear Floral Jewellery

By Amanda Evans 3 Minute Read

Floral jewellery is not just for springtime affairs – it connects us with nature all year through.


Nature inspired design exists all around us in the modern world. From the buildings that surround us, the materials that we use, the sympathetic designs that embrace sustainability, the interiors of our homes, and even the way in which we dress and accessorise ourselves.

In fact, nature-inspired jewellery emerged in the early 19th century, with the Romantic movement and growing interest in botany, and poets such as Wordsworth, whose romantic anecdotes influenced the shape of jewellery design. From the delicate early designs to the more extravagant and stylistic designs, jewellery designers from the Art Nouveau period, such as René Lalique, depicted a language of love through dramatic and ethereal floral inspired jewellery.

Floral Jewellery in the Present Day

Today’s floral inspired jewellery has been streamlined to present an offering of easy-to-wear pieces to elevate your look. Intricate and delicate designs of floral and foliage are available in a range of precious metals, some of which include precious gemstones for that glint of sparkle. Don’t be fooled into thinking that floral designs only belong in a spring wardrobe – these perennial designs will see you bloom all year round!

What's the Occasion?

Consider the occasion. Delicate pieces are perfect for casual outings, whilst more elaborate designs can be reserved for special events. A dainty floral necklace can be your go-to for a brunch with friends, whilst a bold statement piece can steal the show at a gala.

Complementary Designs

Don't shy away from blending different floral pieces. Combining various jewellery items like earrings, bracelets, and rings in complementary floral designs can create a harmonious look. However, be mindful of not overdoing it; balance is key.

Enhance Your Appearance

Select your attire thoughtfully. Solid-coloured outfits work best with intricate floral jewellery. If your clothing features patterns, opt for simpler floral accessories to avoid clashing. Remember, the jewellery should enhance your overall appearance, not overshadow it.

Choose a Precious Metal That Complements Your Skin Tone

Pay attention to the metal colour of your floral jewellery. Gold tones evoke warmth and richness, while silver or platinum offer a sleek, modern touch. Choose the metal that resonates with your personal style and skin tone.

Hair and Accessories

Your hairstyle can impact the overall effect of your floral jewellery. Updos and buns can highlight statement earrings, while shorter hairstyles may draw attention to delicate necklaces and chokers. Coordinate hair accessories like clips or pins with your floral jewellery for a cohesive appearance.

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