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Celebrate Life's Special Moments with Birks

By Amanda Evans 4 minute read

Discover the history, heritage, and collections of luxury Canadian brand, Birks.

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Within our stable of luxury jewellery brands at Goldsmiths sits Birks, a brand built upon 145 years of meticulous craftsmanship, celebration, and Canadian legacy. From the opening of Henry Birks first boutique in Montreal in 1879, what was once a dream became reality, and Birks became synonymous with Canadian luxury and craftsmanship.

From that point onwards Birks aspired to celebrate the people of Canada, a country born just a decade prior. Celebrating life’s precious moments, creating memories, and celebrating with the people and land of its birthplace became the beating heart of Birks jewellery offering.

Notably, during the beginning of the 2000s Birks became one of the first companies to offer Canadian mined diamonds, winning awards for its groundbreaking designs in collaboration with incredibly talented designers. Birks paved the way in the offering of Canadian diamonds, which are recognised as some of the most ethically sourced and sustainable natural diamonds in the world.

From Birks landmark Montreal showroom with its iconic blue doors to the brand’s signature Birks Blue Box®, Birks has become a much loved, and award-winning, brand embraced by a global audience of jewellery enthusiasts, including British Royalty.

Katie Reusch, Birks Senior Marketing Director, shares further insight into the Birks brand, its collections and a snapshot into the exciting launches that lie ahead.

How would you introduce Birks as a brand, and how would you describe the jewellery collections to our clients?

Founded in 1879, Birks embodies the refreshing Canadian spirit. Inspired by the wonders of Canadian nature, Birks’ designs echo the sustainable and ethical commitment to the land that inspires its creations. Our iconic Birks Blue Box® has proudly been part of Canadian stories for 145 years.

What inspires your jewellery collections?

Birks’ jewellery collections are inspired by the breathtaking landscape and uplifting spirit of Canada. Infused with joie de vivre and inspired by Canada’s extraordinary natural wonders and the timeless beauty of its four distinct seasons, Birks has become a beloved national treasure and emblem of Canadian luxury.

Who do you think your collections will appeal to, and why?

Our clients are those who have an affinity for quality and luxury but are looking for refreshing designs that celebrate life's most radiant moments.

What is your favourite design feature of the Birks collections?

Personally, I really adore the Birks Dare to Dream collection as it is inspired by the brand’s heritage, with the signature motif inspired by the ceiling in our first Birks boutique in 1879. This collection also embodies the future as a consistent reminder of the endless possibilities and boundless creativity that surrounds us every day.

What sets Birks apart from other luxury jewellery brands?

Birks brings a refreshing Canadian spirit to the luxury market. Our designs embody the uniqueness of our vast landscapes and the people who live it in. From our designs to our campaigns, Birks marries the art of playfulness with elevated luxury. Our jewellery is really for everyone.

Finally, looking toward the future, what are you most excited about for Birks in 2024?

We have several very exciting launches coming in 2024. You can expect lots of colourful gemstones and yellow gold. I am most excited about the launch of new pieces in the Birks Muse collection. The collection really is an ode to the most important relationships in our lives and the new silhouettes bring this message to life in a very modern and beautiful way.

Discover more from luxury brand Birks here at Goldsmiths online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to show you. the collection.

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