Custom Made Bespoke
Engagement Rings

Do you want to create something extra special for your loved one? Then why not
design your own engagement ring with Goldsmiths?

Design Your Ring

Select Your Setting

Bespoke engagement rings can be designed in various styles. From solitaire or diamond set shoulders to a timeless vintage inspired ring, simply choose one of our beautiful settings in platinum, yellow gold or 18ct carat white gold.

Select Your Diamond

Now you can add your diamond, the ultimate symbol of love. Decide on your choice of cut, clarity and colour. Be assured that Goldsmiths' 'One of A Kind' service will provide unparalleled craftsmanship to fashion your design into a ring that will be treasured for generations.

Review Your Selections

Take a moment to consider your custom-made ring selection.


We are pleased to acknowledge that your 'One Of A Kind' ring order has been received and we will contact you soon to inform you of the progress of this very special commission.

Design Your Ring